Unexpected Passion *Complete*

Georgia Rose use to be best friends with Justin Bieber(not famous) but then he became popular and has a girlfriend that bullies Georgia but he doesn't do anything. Georgia still loves Justin but he will never date her because she's a nerd.


9. The next day

Georgia's P.O.V

I woke up in Justin's warm arms. It feels so right to be in his arms. I turned around so I was facing him. He still was asleep. His lips were parted and soft snores came out. His hair was all messed up and he looked so adorable when he sleeps. I kissed him on the lips to wake him up. His eye opened slowly and he smiled.

"Good morning,beautiful." he said making me blush.

"Good morning,handsome." he gave me another kiss and we got out of bed even though we didn't want to. 

"What do you want to have breakfast?"

"I don't care. Surprise me." he nodded and walked to the kitchen. I took a shower and got dressed in a black t-shirt and white shorts. I walked down smelly bacon and eggs. I walked in and got some orange juice. I sat down and Justin set my plate down and then sat down with his. We ate and when we were done we did the dishes together and sat down and watch TV."Do you remember when you fell asleep on the couch while watching The Walking Dead?"

"Yeah. I woke up with a blanket on me. Why?"

"I was the one that put that blanket on you." he smiled and kissed me.



"I love you."

'I love you to."

"How can you love me when all I did was hurt you?"

"I don't know. I just believed that you can change. And I was right." he kissed me again but this time it was longer. I didn't want to take this farther so I pulled back. He gave me a confused face."I want to wait. Okay?" he nodded and kissed my forehead. Then I got a message from an unknown number. It read:

From Unknown: Back away from Justin. I had him first.

I knew it was Amber. I had a worried look on my face.

"Are you okay?" Justin said. Should I tell him? No he'll just worry. I nodded my head. He looked like he didn't believe me but then he just nodded.



So I'm going to put Ryan and Chaz in here. I was just wondering if any of you want to be their girlfriend. If so here what you need to do.

*Comment name,hair color,eye color and which boy.

*Also comment your personality to.

Good luck! And I'm hope you like it. More on the way. Love ya! :)

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