How much i love you

Annabella Green is a Normal teenage girl but one day,One trip and one tradgedy will change her life forever
(I promise that i will finish this book)


5. WHAT!?!

  Annabella's POV

 Oh no please god say that Harry did not hook up with Chloe and got her pregnet.I walked over to Harrys door and knocked....No answer I knocked again no answer WHAT!?!.I opened the door and there was no one there this was getting weired.I walked in to the bathroom to see a image that i will never froget.Chloe was there lying on the floor hardly breathing with a razor in her hands.

 "Call the Docter now" i yelled crying my eyes out

 "Ok"Niall yelled

  Liam and Harry ran upstairs and stoped in there tracks when they saw Chloe.

"No no no"Harry said

"What she was just one of your one night stands"I said

"No but never mind that you dont even know her"he said

"Ummmmm ya i do shes my bestfriend"i said

"oh"Harry mumbeled looking down

 Five minutes later the doctor's came in and took Chloe out.We all drove to the hospital and i just colapsted.I slid down the wall and cryed my eyes out.

 "Did you know her"Niall asked

i just nodded my head and cryed again.I sat there crying like a little baby with the boys trying to confort me for two hours.

 "Umm excuse me are you here for miss.Hayward"the girl asked

 "Yes"i said

 "Ok good and bad news witch would you like first"she asked

 "Good"i said right away

 "Ok Well Chloe lived"she said with a smile on her face

 "And Bad"i asked

 "Well,when she fell she hit her head and lost her memory and its gonna take a while to get it back"She said

 "Oh well when can we see her"i asked

 "Now follow me"the ladie said

    Chloe's POV

 What was going on where am i what happened.I was snapped out of my thoughts by five hadsome guys and a pretty girl walking in.

 "Chloe?"The girl asked

 "Who?"i asked confused wait i think im Chloe yay i have a awsome name

 "Do you remeber me?"The girl asked

 i thought hard and i new i saw her somewhere befor but i dont remeber where

 "No"i said

 "Oh well my name is Annabella and im your ummm best friend"she said

 I thought really hard nope i still don't remeber her.

 "Im sorry Annabella i don't remeber you"i said looking up into her very hurt and sad eyes.I wish i could remeber who i was why i was here who i am.

 "Im Niall"The Blonde one said

 "Hi Niall"i said

 "Im Harry"

 "im Zayn"

 "im Louis"

 "Im Liam"

     Wait there was something about these Boys i know but i cant rember ugg what is going on

 "What is going on"i asked

After they told me the story of How i could be pregnet and why i tried to kill myself i was in tears And so was Annabella and Harry.

  "Wait i remeber one thing"i said

  "What is it"Annabella asked

  "Someone is out to kill me"i said showing them the messeges on my phone.

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