How much i love you

Annabella Green is a Normal teenage girl but one day,One trip and one tradgedy will change her life forever
(I promise that i will finish this book)


4. Nialler's

   Annabella's POV

 I woke up to crying from next door,I wonder what is going on


 "What"he yelled back

 "Come here"i yelled

 "Is it a emergency"he asked

 "Yes i broke my leg"i said sarcasticly

 "Im comming with a docter"he said and ran upstairs in a doctor costume

 "Omg Niall anyway whos next door"i asked

 "Some girl Harry Hoked up with last night and she might be pregnet"Niall said\

 "Oh is she ok"i asked

 "i dont know you can go see her if you want"Niall said

 "Ok i got to call Chloe first"i said

 "ok bye"Niall said

 "Bye"i said

  i called Chloe no answer i called her again still no answer the last time i called i heard Chloes ringtone from next door...Oh no you dont think.


                                                    Hey guys sorry for the short chapter but ya anyway im out to my cabin and i might do a chapter where its like a intervew that the charcters wont remeber

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