How much i love you

Annabella Green is a Normal teenage girl but one day,One trip and one tradgedy will change her life forever
(I promise that i will finish this book)


3. Clubbing

  Annabella's POV

 Once me and Chloe arrived at the club we split up so we could go find a boy or something.I went over to the bar and ordered two shoots,I drank the shoots and went over in the booth.Well this is gonna be a long boring night...

  Chloe's POV

 I was already drunk and was grinding so dude on the dance floor.After we finished Grinding we started to makeout,After a little while it got more intense he picked me up and dragged me into the closet.He was about to take off my dress when he mumbeled"Babe do you wanna go home"

   Annabella's POV

 A very handsome boy walked up to me he had Blonde hair and sparkiling blue eyes,He looked fimallyer OMG its Niall Horan

 "Hello"he said in a normal voice,good hes not drunk

 "Hello"i said

 "Now what is a pretty girl like you doing here alone"he asked

 "Well i don't know where my friend is and more then likely she took th car to either go to a boys that she hooked up with or to go home"i said

 "Do you want me to drive you home"he asked

 "She took the only house key"i said

 "You can sleep at mine and the boys flat"he offered

 "Sure,thank you so much"i said hugging him

 "Oh and i dident quite catch your name"He said

 "Annabella,but just call me Bella"i said

 "Ok Bella"he said

   We started driving to Nialls flat,it took about ten minutes.when we got there and me and Niall went inside it was huge.

  "Where am i going to sleep?"i asked

  "Here you can stay in the guest room but just a warning Louis and Harry both hooked up with girls so you might not be abel to sleep"He said

  "Ill try"i said

  "Goodnight Bella"Niall said

  "Goodnight Nialler"i said.

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