Angel In The Light

Gracie and Marlow are twins, best friends, sisters. They tell each other everything, thick as thieves, the two of them. When Marlow has a secret, that she can't even tell Gracie, how is she going to tell the world?


2. And A Merry New Year

"5....4.....3......2.......1!" The party exploded, people kissed, and someone grabbed me and pulled me in. Their breath smelled like alchohol, but it was sweet all the same. Cheering, shouts, and jeering catcalls happened, as we kissed. I pulled away and i could feel the shock cross my face. Brandon, the resident golden boy smiled and looked at me. 

"Hi Gracie." I looked down and blushed, hiding my face in my strawberry blond hair. 

"Hi Brandon." I grabbed my arm, suddenly turning shy, and looked for Marlow. She was sitting in the corner with Dean, for a couple usually so happy and in love they looked scarily unhappy. Like fighting unhappy. Marlow can be fiesty, but Dean is wrapped around her finger, they never fight. The only reason they would be fighting is if it's something real big. She glanced my way, and gave me a weak smile, and nodded toward Brandon. He's gorgeous, and so i did what Marlow would do. "I have a question." He grinned and raised an eyebrow.

"Ask away." I grabbed his shirt and kissed him. "I guess you don't do much asking." I shook my head. 

"Not when there is a beautiful boy standing right in front of me, who kissed me first." I said, my confidence building. 

"Well i couldn't help myself. It's the new year, great time to start things isn't it?" He said, throwing his arm around my shoulders. "A pretty girl, a new year, and a party, i mean, what more could a guy ask for?" He shouted, gaining a large agreement from the crowd. I threw my head back and laughed. Teenagers were dancing their hearts out, champagne and beer in their hands, and the holiday spirit was high. "Shit, i'll be right back." Brandon whispered into my hair, kissed me sweetly and ran off to save his friend Orin from yelling at a chair. I swept the room, looking for my friends. Angel sat on the couch, legs draped over others, laughing and chatting, and sipping her liqour. Jonathon was behind the bar, handing out beers and wine coolers, he was at least trying to make it a somewhat more classy event, the beer kegs behind the bar kind of ruined the effect. Michelle was holding up Ryan, who was trying to convince William that he was a princess, which wasn't exactly going well, as William was passed out. 

"Hey, I'm back, what did i miss?" Brandon said, a little out of breath. I gestured around me, then fidgeted with my hair. 

"You missed our friends looking like idiots, well no less than some others, and you missed.....nothing really." I tugged my hair out of it's french braid, and let it lie peacefully on my shoulders. "Thats better, i never did care for formal hairdo's." 

"What are you doing man?" Dean said, grabbing Ryan's shoulder. Ryan, our serious-dreams-of-being-a-biomedical-engineer-nerdy-serious guy gave his brother a right hook and then proceeded to puke all over the carpet. Dean stumbled back, but was caught by someone in the quickly forming circle. The Olsen Twins didn't fight often, but when they did, everyone came round. Marlow tried to push her way into the circle, but Dean waved her back. "Don't let her in!" He shouted, causing hurt to cross her face. 

"Just leave me alone!" Ryan shouted, in the midst of puking. Dean rolled his eyes, and socked his brother in the stomach, causing him to curl over. 

"We both know this isn't you! Pull yourself together. Colorado definatly isn't going to want a drunken burnout." We all know that isn't true. Ryan is probably the most put together guy, he's smart, he's focused, he punctual, he's serious. But he can't hold his liquor to save his life. Same as Dean. The comment about Colorado seemed to light a fire inside Ryan that noone really wanted to ever experience, but everyone wanted to see.  Ryan dove at Dean, climbed on top of him, and started punching his younger brother. Lo broke through the barrier, and pulled Ryan off him. 

"RYAN. Look at me. Breath." Lo cupped his face in her hands. Marlow has this power over people, where she can just calm you right down. It definatly comes in handy. Dean pulled himself up of the floor and started towards Ryan. She turned and glared at him. "No." She sternly spoke, banishing her boyfriend from the fight. Brandon grabbed my hand and intertwined his fingers and mine. 

"She's amazing." I nodded, pride leaking off of me. My twin sister could just break up a fight with a couple words. Ryan's shoulders fell and he started to breath deep. 

"You're leaving. Dean. Come." The crowd oooohed. Both boys were going to go get the "talk" from Lo. Brandon turned my head, and kissed me. 

"Don't worry, they're going to be fine, they have Lo. Dance with me?" How could i say no.

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