How to save a life (Larry Stylinson fan fic)

This is a story about a flower crown harry with his friends Niall and Liam who all fall i n love. All the guys they love tho are all fallen angels. With a war of fallen and immortals if these 3 guys make a wrong choice...It could mean their lives with it (Based off of the Series: Hush, Hush)


1. Prologue



December 24, 1989


The boy walked down the street quietly in the cold rain. He was far from home and he was running to beat the worst of the storm. Could he? Maybe. As he ran he slowly slowed down to hear noises around him. He froze and looked around confused at what he was hearing. "Huh?" The boy looked around all over the area he was in confused. He shrugged then started running again. He stopped when he was tackled and yelled out. The winds had picked up so no one could hear him. The boy looked up blinking as another boy was looking down at him and grinning.


"W-Who are you?"


The older boy didn't answer. Just had an evil, devilish smile on his face.


"I will kill you!!" The boy on the ground said as he held up his sword and backed up shaking. He got up glaring at the fellow in front of him.


The lad's hair was dripping wet. It was black. He was shirtless, his pants ripped. He was barefooted and smirked. "Kill me? Why?"


"Well what do you want from me!!" The other boy screamed.


"A...favor." The boy took a step forward.


The other took a step back. "Never." He bolted away.


When the lad who ran thought it was safe he jogged but not much. He stopped to catch his breath then ran again just to be stopped by the other kid. He turned around and ran into the woods. He was lost and sighed and he fell to the floor.


"You can't escape me. Jordan.."


"H-how do you k.......know my name?!"


The lad barked a bitter laugh. "Oh I know a lot about you!" He answered.


The scared boy looked up at him.


The older lad grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him up. "Listen. I won't kill you. Just you gotta do me a favor."


"What is it?"


"Every year. For two weeks. I want you at the field during the time between a full moon and a new moon. Am I understood?" The older narrowed his eyes at the younger one.


The younger one nodded quickly as he was dropped on his ass.


As the other lad walked away he stopped. "Oh and one more're not human. You're half mortal." He left.


The younger lad yelled out to him. "Stop lying! You liar! Stop!!"

There was a evil laugh in the distance. The younger lad was left alone then ran home. He did what the older lad told him and regretted it.

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