|Harry Styles (1D) Fan-Fiction| Mess, Messy, Messed up love


The story is about a girl called Claire who lives in USA, who's life is a mess. She works at Starbucks to get money for house rent, but one day it all goes wrong and she looses her home, job and maybe hope? She starts doing terrible things on her body, in all secretness, and starts doing robbery, to get money. But who stops her? Who WILL stop her?

The day before everythings goes wrong, she goes to a party at her friend Jamie's house. A few hours before she served a young man at Starbucks called Harry, and he was soooo attractive so much that she can't get him out of her head.
She meet's him at the party... What will happen?

Read, like and comment! Much love!


4. Chapter IIII

I woke up when a knocking on the door sounded from the other end of the house. I slowly and tired got up, and took a dressing gown on. I’d blinked drowsy as I walked towards the door. I opened it. I sighed. Just the mail-man. I smiled, said thanks and closed the door. I took the first letter, not interesting and put it in the back of the stack of letters. I did that until I got to a white letter from the municipality. I pulled my eyebrows together, put a finger in the opening and pulled it up. I read through it and slowly I put my hand up to my mouth and my eyes got wide. I just couldn’t hold it because I shacked too much and it fell out of my hand. It was an invoice, no more than that… A warning.

To Claire Hemstorth

your delay of paying the bill on your apartment rent is very high and inexcusable. You have to pay 5300$ within tomorrow or all your belongings will be either sold on auction, or be send back to the sales representative you bought your belongings from.
However, there is an exception. You can keep, jewelry, pictures, testators, attire and money.

The municipality

I was speechless. How could they throw me out?! Well, I didn’t pay but I was going to. Now it’s just that… I sighed and closed my eyes for a moment. I don’t have any money. ,, FUCK!’’ I yelled while ripping the letters to pieces and start crying.
I cried for more than an hour. It was so unreal. I wiped my tears of my cheeks and started packing my stuff. Where should I go? Live? Well, I still had my job. I looked at the clock. Fuck. 20 minutes to work! In a hurry I packed the last things, ran out of the door, and towards my job.

I laid my gaze on the clock for a few seconds before it turned to the cash register. I bit my under lip. Should I? I looked around. Only a couple sat and small talked with the backs turned around, so they couldn’t see me. I thought about it several times and then I took the chance. Slowly I opened the cash register and took the money and put them in my back pocket. I had to pay that debt off. I wouldn’t have any other places to live?! I saw my boss’s silhouette in the corner and tried to close the cash register but it wouldn’t! I panicked. Really truly panicked. Got all sweaty and shaky and unfortunately my boss came around the corner, saw me struggling with the cash register and got all suspicious. ,, Do you have any trouble closing that?’’ He asked with raised eyebrows.  ,,No, ehm, well… Is just that,’’ He came up beside me and opened the cash register when his raised eyebrows gathered together in an angry face expression. ,, Where’s all the money, Miss. Hemstorth?’’ The couple at the table further down in the room, turned around and laid eyes on me and my boss. ,, I…I don’t know?’’ I wanted to punch myself in the face. I’m normally not the lying type of girl, and since that letter I got this morning a whole new feeling have shacked me inside. I never want to lie to someone, but in this case I did anyways. Even though I know it’s wrong. He took me in a hard grip around my wrist and dragged me out in the back. Only God knows what would happen next.

,,ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!’’ He yelled at me while his hand stood with the money I had in my back pocket in his hand, and shook it in the air. I faced my head down to the floor and bit my lip nervously. ,, I’m sorry, sir, but..-‘’ - ,, NO BUT’S AT ALL YOUNG LADY! You are fired with a big F, and don’t you dare ever come back to this place or other Starbucks'es! I hope you learn from this, and I would not hesitate to call the police RIGHT now, but because you only 17 I won’t,’’ his angry voice settled down a bit, and made me look up. ,,Thank you,’’ - ,,Now get the hell out of here,’’ he said and pointed with a heavy breathing towards the door.
I got up and walked against the door. I knew I was screwed. Big time. As soon as I got out I started crying. What should I do? I shook my head and began to run. Where? I don’t know. Just away. With no money. Only a backpack filled with stuff of mine. It was getting quite dark and I was getting so confused. I ran through a park and fell over a rock. I made a hurting countenance when I hit the hard asphalt. I sat up, afraid of anyone gazes here on a late afternoon in the park. I bit my lip and took me to my knee. My pants was torn apart by my knee and blood ran from the big wound. I took me to my head and run through it with my fingers, just to make sure there weren't any serious damages. I exhaled in relief and got with difficulty up. I started to walk slowly towards the other end of the park when I heard guys laughing. I saw them from distance and frizzed. My hands got sweaty and my knees were like butter. I slowly took small steeps backwards, but then they saw me and yelled. I turned around and started running. My heart pounded and I KNEW at this time a night, bad guys would come here to sell drugs or other things. I could hear them start running and I ran as fast as I could, over the park’s grass and jumped towards a tree and pushed myself up against it. I couldn’t see them, hear them or smell them, if that’s possible. I closed my eyes and exhaled in relief. I turned my head and looked behind the tree and…

I got knocked out.   


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