Childhood Deception

TW (TRIGGER WARNING): This is just a Movella for poems that I write. Their a little dark, some can be more... uplifting I wanna say but yeah. Please read(: Like, Favorite, and Comment.
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4. An Angel Consumed by the Dark


My name is Layla, and I'm an Angel of the Dark. 

The darkness will consume you. It's like your sentenced to a life of black and white. Only obtaining the sight of color, at others dismay, you get a feeling of enjoyment yet it's like torture all at once.

Have you ever felt, the agonizing PAIN of Heartbreak? That was the last thing I felt, before the Darkness ripped through me, consuming my entire body taking my soul with it. Now, all I feel is… emptiness and my heart aching for a sweet glimpse of the light I once owned.

I don't want you to pity me, I don't even know why I'm asking for your help; but I just want him back. I don't even know what love feels like anymore; but even when I began to change, I somehow felt it. Realize the painful darkness lurking within me, the one I love, than you'll be able to see, that there once was light... I just have to find that spark, and ignite into fire.

 But it's fading and..... its getting harder and harder. I can feel my wings getting heavier with the pain of my victims. Their screams of terror as they slipped away

You knew what it was like, how it felt being consumed by evil. The pain you felt when your beautiful wings were torn from your body.

My mind and body is giving up, your my savior. And as I fall to the ground I can only hope... you'll be there to catch me before I hit the pavement. Even if you did... it's already to late, the fire has faded. And I'm no longer the one you loved.

 I am, an Angel of the Dark.


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