Childhood Deception

TW (TRIGGER WARNING): This is just a Movella for poems that I write. Their a little dark, some can be more... uplifting I wanna say but yeah. Please read(: Like, Favorite, and Comment.
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1. A Mind of Darkness


Reaching for that glistening blade,

I slice my skin and start to fade.

 I'll sit back and close my eyes,

While slowly drifting in demise.


Waking up in a vat of blood

not knowing what went wrong, 

Not thinking of where I stood in this

wretched battle of hate and long.

Now all at once my brain is wrecked

and I blame myself for these mistakes,

I shut down and disconnect 

and I'll heal myself of these pain and aches.


Now today I'll try again and put on my disguise,

While butting heads with these dark, strange, evil lies.

And at the end of the day I finally found my place,

6 feet under in a smooth Mahogany case.

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