Never loved you

Rose is a 16 year old girl who is almost done with junior year in high school.
Is she popular? No.
Is she bullied? Constantly.
Does she have friends? None.
Does she have feelings for the boy who causes her the most pain? Absoloutley.

She never wanted to love Harry, she never wanted to be his friend.
But something deep inside tells her she wants him.
Something so deep and powerful, that she would fall for his mate's prank for him.

*Yes there is a Movella kinda like this, but this is my virsion <3 Enjoy*


2. You never liked me

Rose's POV:
"Y-yes" I stuttered out very shocked.
Soon a huge grin appeared on Harry's face and next thing I know, his arms are wrapped around me in a hug.
I gently inched my arms forward to his back so I could hug him back.
I laid my arms gently down on his back.
He released and gave me a smile. I smiled back and couldn't believe this.
Did Harry freaking Styles really just ask me out?
"We should get to lunch" Harry smiled and took my hand in his. "Yes sir" I smiled back, "you can call me Harry" he said and tucked some hair behind my ear.
I nodded while he intertwined our fingers, we walked out of the closet and got back into the cold cafeteria.
Everybody turned their heads toward us while the cafeteria doors slammed behind us.
"Your dating Grossy Rosy?!" A girl yelled, is that what they called me behind my back? Grossy Rosy?
He didnt respond, he just stood there. I sighed and looked at the floor, and then to my playing feet.
Harry cleared his throat, "yes" he said proudly.
My head shot up and I looked straight into Harry's green eyes that were melting me on the inside.
He smiled at me, showing his perfect teeth and dimples.
I smiled back and walked with him to the lunch line. He gathered loads of food on his tray, as for me, I only grabbed a water bottle and a thing of apples. "Your only getting that?" Harry asked looking at my tray, "um yeah" I sighed.
I bought my lunch and went to the table I usually sit at alone.
I sat there and opened my water bottle, soon being greeted by Harry plopping onto the seat in front of me.
He smiled at me before digging into his food.
"May I join?" I looked up at Niall who was holding his tray and looking at me.
"Um s-sure" I stuttered and looked at Harry who gave Niall the 'lol' face.
I sighed and looked down at my food.
"You only got that?" Niall asked, "ya" I replied. Not looking up at all,  I kept thinking about how Harry confessed his feelings out of the blue. 
I picked up a apple and bit into it, taking a sip of water afterwards.

"Rose, you alright?" Niall asked, I looked up at him and he was looking at me.
"Yeah. Everything's fine" I gave a reassuring smile.
He smiled and nodded, I looked at Harry and he was giving a puzzled look at me.
I took my phone out and scrolled through Instagram, out of boredom.
"What ya doin?" Harry asked pointing to my phone, I answered by shrugging. "You better not be cheating already" Harry winked, "I would never, no other boys would dare talk to me" I sighed and put my phone away.
"Oh" Niall sighed.
Soon Zayn, Louis, and Liam were sitting at our table.
Louis and Harry made eye contact, then Harry winked at him. Louis laughed and pointed at me with his thumb, Harry smirked and returned to his food thinking I didnt see anything.
I stood up kinda mad and threw my food away, I turned around to head back to the table but Zayn was standing in the way.
"Please sir, move" I whispered looking at the ground.
"What did you just say?!" He yelled, slamming my phone on the ground.
"Please move" I whispered again, clenching my body.
He grabbed both my shoulders and pushed me against the wall staring straight into my eyes.
"Never tell me what to do" he said sternly and slapped my cheek. Hard.
I gasped and held my cheek, I looked at everyone who was just having their own conversations and not caring about what just happened.
I let a few tears slide down my cheek, I looked forward and saw Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam standing there.
Zayn and Liam were laughing and high giving each other, while Harry chuckled a little, and Niall just stood there looking at me with hurt in his eyes.
I picked up my broken phone and threw it at Harry's balls, "you never liked me" I said and stormed down the hallway. 
"Rose! Rose!" I heard Niall call out and footsteps running and getting closer to me.
"What do you want?!" I asked wiping away a few tears and didnt stop walking.
"To see if you were alright" he said and stood in my way.
"Niall please move" I sniffled, "need a hug?" He asked opening his arms and making a pouty face.
I smiled and nodded, he went up to me and hugged me tightly.
I hugged back and let some tears roll onto his jacket.
"Rose? Rose!" I heard Harry call and run to me.  Niall released and looked at Harry who looked into my red eyes.
"What, Harry?" I spat out.
"I'm sorry" he said and put his hand out for me to take it.
I slapped it away and ran down te hallway, and was stopped by someone coming from around the corner.
They held onto my arms and threw me to te floor, they kicked my stomach and ran off.
I laid there and cried, cried until I heard people running my way.

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