Never loved you

Rose is a 16 year old girl who is almost done with junior year in high school.
Is she popular? No.
Is she bullied? Constantly.
Does she have friends? None.
Does she have feelings for the boy who causes her the most pain? Absoloutley.

She never wanted to love Harry, she never wanted to be his friend.
But something deep inside tells her she wants him.
Something so deep and powerful, that she would fall for his mate's prank for him.

*Yes there is a Movella kinda like this, but this is my virsion <3 Enjoy*


3. Perfect boyfrand

Niall's POV:
Just to be completely honest, it really bugged me how much Harry and the other lads hurt Rose.
I know that I pick on her sometimes, but that's because I like her. 
But Harry was just dating her as a prank, so from then up until now, I have no clue what's gonna happen next.

Harry and I watched as Rose sped down the hallway. Then something that I didnt want to see happened.
Louis came around the corner and pushed her to the ground, and kicked her stomach. I heard her faint sobs and so Harry and I ran towards her to see if she was alright.
"Rose! I'm so sorry for all that I did, its just the past that took over. Please, please forgive me" Harry fake sobbed and fell to the floor.
Wow, if this was a dare, why would he be trying this hard if she basically broke up with him?
I picked up Rose bridal style and saw some tears dry. I wiped them away and stared into her eyes that filled with depression.
"Your alright, you'll be okay" I whispered and took some hair out of her face.
She nodded and then her eyes shifted to Harry who was now standing up.
"It's.. Fine Harry" she said and gave a small smile.
"So will you go out with me then?" Harry asked walking over to hold her hand. "Of course, silly goose" she said and patted his curls.
I gently let her down and hug Harry.

*skip rest of day because I'm lazy lol*

Rose's POV:
Our hands were intertwine while we walked to my house.
Harry would every once in a while say something funny to make me laugh.
I started getting slower as we walked, I was getting tired and out of breathe.
Harry noticed and picked me up and pulled me onto his back.
I giggled and laugh while he trotted down the road, "my house is here" I said and pointed to my house that we approached.
"Alright" he sighed and slipped me off his back gently.
"Thanks for walking me home" I said and pecked his cheek.
"Any time" he smiled, "actually would you like to hang out for a little?" I asked while we stood in the driveway.

"Yeah sure" he said and smiled, intertwining our fingers again.
I nodded and lead him into my house and into the kitchen.
I made some frozen pizza's and gave him a plate to put his pizza on it.
"Thanks love" he smiled with a mouth full of pizza.
I chuckled a little bit, "your welcome" I smiled and took a bite out of my pizza.
"Oh, um here" Harry said and pulled my broken phone out of his pocket.
"Oh yeah.. Sorry I threw it at you" I sighed and looked at my pizza.
"No worries Hun" he said and lifted up my chin with two fingers.
I smiled at his emerald green eyes that sunk into my soul and let loose a cage of butterflies.
I took it from him and placed it on the arm rest of the chair.
"I'm gonna go check the mail" I said and put my plate on the table, "okay love. I will be here" he winked followed by a smirk.
I nodded and made my way out into the cold.
I stood in front of the mailbox and opened it, bending my knees a bit so I could see.
"Hello love" Niall said behind me and wrapped two arms around my waist.
"Niall, I have a boyfriend" I chuckle and gently pushed his hands off of me.
"I know.. Just be careful" he sighed and walked away into the mist.
I stood there confused, but shrugged and walked back inside.
Harry was standing up with his back to me while I walked into the living room.
"Hello Harry" I said and placed the mail on the table, "why did Niall have his arms around your waist?" He asked sternly.
"I don't know, he just came up to me and hugged me" I shrugged.
"Oh um okay" he itched the back of his neck.
"Alright" I smiled and walked passed him to go up to my room, but he had other plans because he held the him of my shirt.
I stumbled back to him and furrowed my eyebrows, "yes Harry?" I asked and looked up into his eyes.
"May I kiss your lips?" He asked smiling.
"Um... I guess" I said and got on my tippy toes.
He gently placed his big hands on my waist while I wrapped my arms around his neck.
He leaned in and so did I, soon our lips touched and our lips moved in sync.
Fireworks flew, butterflies grew, I didnt know what to do.. But I also did to.
*rap rap rap c; *
We released and I looked into his sparkling eyes, "wow" he said and smiled.
"I better get home" he smiled and kissed my cheek.
He picked up his jacket and brown leather worn out shoes he wore every day.
"Goodbye" I called from the front door while I watched him walk down the side walk and wave.
I closed the door and slid down it.
Then there was a knock on the door..
I stood up and opened the door a little bit, I looked out it and saw Niall.
I smiled and opened it more, "hey" I smiled.
"It's Zayn.." He started out of breathe,
"He's coming for you tomorrow" he huffed looking into my eyes with plead.

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