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blurb: Anna is a normal 11 year old girl. She loves playing with the other children. All she wants is to be an actress and go to a special school. Her dad is against this and she knows why. She gets an offer for a small role in a show. Will she take it? will her dad change her mind about her wanting to be an actress?


5. talking in the pool again.

After we ate our lunch, me and my friends went to the pool to talk about val’s dad’s movie. What is nice about the pool is that it is outside so we are in the sun. The pool also has inflatable chairs and people bring us food and drinks.

“Don’t you love these smoothies kate. They are so tasty!” said val.

“I know,” replied kate, “But lets not talk about them. I want to talk about the movie. Personally I love the role of Hannah. I mean I was made for the role. Blonde check. Dumb sometimes check. Can be really smart check. Don’t you agree Liz.”

“I totally agree. Though you did just call yourself dumb you know. The whole script was great. Personally I love the role of Danna. I mean her scenes are full of action. She also has some nice songs and so do the rest of the parts. This character is really cool. I love it. I think I am going to audition. I mean I love acting and I am a really good singer. So how  about you Anna what did you think of it. You have been awfully quiet. Come on say what you think about it,” said Liz.

“Well… I loved it. I mean the songs , the story and the action. It is a perfect story. I loved the part of Anna. Which I didn’t realise till now is the same name as me,” I said a bit embaressed.

“Don’t worry about that,” replied liz, “ I didn’t even realise that till you said it and I’m the smart one. Anyway Anna continue.”

“Thanks Liz,” I said, “I think val’s dad’s movie is really good. I am signing up to audition on activity day. I read about the audition and you have to choose a song to express the characters emotions as well as a bit from the script. If he likes you he will give you a task to write a song about what is going on between Anna and daniel in scene 6. If he likes it, I get through and if I am lucky he will put it in the movie but that is just Anna. Hannah and Danna are really different. So val are you doing anything for the movie.”

“Well I was talking to my dad at lunch to see if there was any small role for me in this movie and he found me one. I play Lisa. She is a girl who is a spy in training so following the spys and she has a big impact in the end. She has a lot of hiding and she is really good. I have to have a stunt double for climbing up walls. It is a really cool part,” said val.

“Wow your dad is kind. My dad never does nice things like that. This nicest thing he has done for me is buy me a £30 braclet. Well his company buyer bought it. He got it for free. Anyway we have 30 minutes till next lesson. So lets play in here for 25 and then get changed. I’ll tell you when.

We played swimming races and diving games. We had so much fun. I love having a swimming pool outside at our school. It is so cool.

“We need to get changed now. I bought are sports gear so at afternoon break we can play on the tennis court. I have got better at tennis and I am going to beat all of you. Come on,” I said.

We got changed into are sports gear and we went down to drama. I was so excited about practising tonight.

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