my life

blurb: Anna is a normal 11 year old girl. She loves playing with the other children. All she wants is to be an actress and go to a special school. Her dad is against this and she knows why. She gets an offer for a small role in a show. Will she take it? will her dad change her mind about her wanting to be an actress?


2. it started with the assembly

I walk into school to start my day. It can be exciting. Like at breaks in the summer we get to go in the outdoor swimming pool. In winter we have a nice indoor hot tub and things. Private school is really good thing. I am glad my mum left me lots of money. Otherwise I wouldn’t have these opportunities.

I walk into the gate seeing my friends Kate, Liz and Val. We have been friends for probally ever. Val’s dad was a director for some of my mum’s movies. Kate’s mum is also an actress. Liz’s older sister was on an internship as a makeup girl. We  have known each other ages. I walk up to them.

“Hi Anna. How r u?” said kate.

“Good,” I replied.

“Anyway,” Val said, “I found some videos in my dad’s room. I found a video with your mum in it. She was in her 20s and he was on internship. I’ll give it to you.”

“Thanks,” I say as she hands me the video, “So anyone got any news.”

“I do,” said Val, “my dad is making an anouncment in assembly today. Then we have drama all day. How awesome is that.

“So awesome. I got us really cool swimming costumes. I also found a great beach ball,” I said.

“Cool,” said liz.

“Hey we need to get to registration. It doesn’t start for 7 minutes but it takes us 5 minutes to get there,” said Kate.

We walked along the corridor getting to registration. It was a small classroom.

After registration, we went to assembly. We were so excited about was going to happen. See anything can happen with val’s dad. He is a director. He sometimes comes to the school to talk about showing us new previews. Doing acting activities with us. I just couldn’t wait to here the news.

We all got into the hall. As we were early, we got nice seats. We waited 3 minutes for everyone to come in. Everyone was buzzing with excitement. Everyone was wondering what the big news was. It could be anything. Anything when Val’s dad is involved.

“So Val,” I whispered, “What has your dad come to tell us.”

“It is so secretive,” Val whispers, “He wouldn’t even tell me. All he would tell me is that it is going to be really exciting and something just for the girls at our school. He also said he is planning something for the boys. If I did know I would tell you.”

“Ok children quieten down now,” our head teacher said , “Now today you are very lucky. We have managed to get dan vernick to talk to you. Here he is now.”

We all clapped while he came up to the podium.

“Hello children. I am here to talk to you today about something. I want to talk mainly to the girls. I have a new movie coming out. It is in production at the moment. I am looking for 3 girls to play the main people of the movie. Now I am only holding auditions at this school for girls here. I am giving scripts and an over view of the 3 characters to all the girls. Boys there are smaller parts for you and I’ll give you a script and call me if you are interested. Your drama lessons today will be partly you reading this script on your own and performing it. You will also write about what you think. So I hope you are interested in this. Auditions are next Saturday so please come,” said Val’s dad.

He left the stage and I was so excited.

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