Your Always On My Mind

Charlotte (Charlie) has enough of her step dad
And decides to move out. She moves in with
Her boyfriend Harry and his friends. Charlie
Later is in a car crash and has memory loss and
Forgets about Harry an starts to fall for Niall



1. Charlotte and Harry

Charles POV:

"Charlie! Wake up! " My stepfather Ray calls. I groan in response. "Charlie get up right now!".  I just ignored him. I hated Ray!He isn't normally mean but something got to him lately and he is always trying to take my fathers place. Nobody can take his place. Me and my Dad were extremely close. He passed away 2 years ago in a car crash. I will never forget that day. 


* Flashback*


"Mom, Dad rang he said he's on his way home"

"ok sweetie"

I started out the window at the traffic passing by waiting for my father... He never came. After a hour I decided to take a walk down the road to see if I could pass him on the way. I did. But he didn't see me. He isn't see anything. He was gone. From me. From mom. From everybody. I was speechless. I thought it was a dream.  But it wasn't. 


*End Flashback


"Charlotte Scott wake up right this minute or I'm going to through water ontop of you" Ray slightly shouted 

"Go away or I'll through water on you" I hissed back 

"it's important I need you right now Charlotte"

"Stop calling me Charlotte! Just call me Charlie"

"I'll call you whatever I want to just shut up bitch and help me it's an emergency!" 

"Is mom ok?" 


"Then it's not an emergency!" 

He whipped the covers off me and dragged me to my feet 

"you listen to me! I will not take any bullshit of you. Do you hear me!"


"Yes sir" I said as if I was a soldier. He slapped me across the face.

"are you going to help me now?" He hissed. I just nodded

"now if you said yes from the start none of this would of happened! Now come over hear an rub my feet". 

He has get to be kidding me! After all that fighting all he wants me to do is rub his bloody feet!

"Ew gross no way! I'm going over to Harry's for the day. I have to get away from you for a few hours" Harry and I have been dating for the last 5 months and we are super close. He lives with his four friends Niall , Louis , Liam and Zayn. They all have girlfriends except for Niall. He is waiting for his princess. He say he found her but she is with the wrong guy at the moment. Louis is going out with Eleanor Calder. She is so sweet and caring.  Liam is with Danielle Peazer.  And Zayn is with my best friend Holly. But the four of us are like sisters! 

"You are not going near that boy Harry ever again!" Ray growled

"No way! You can't do this! I moong out and you can be the one to break it to mom!" I screamed in Rays face. I grabbed all the bags I could find and shoved everything in. I have Harry a quick text before I came over 


To Harry 

Harry I hope you don't mind but I need somewhere to stay for a day or two until I find somewhere of my own xx do u mind me staying with you?xx -Charlie

From Harry: Ye no problem babexx you know you always have a space here for however long you want xx 


I ran down the stairs before my mom asked me to explain. I took one big deep breathe and took I my last view of the house or a while. I it in my car and began driving to Harrys

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