Darcey who goes through a tough time when her mum dies from cancer and is left with dad John, and soon through the many years of pain excapes the abusive parent and in a turn of events, meets a handsome man who changes her life forever...

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13. Chapter 13:


I woke up and Harry wasn't there, I picked up my phone from the side table and a peace of paper fell off I picked up the peace of paper and it was a message from Harry it read:

Morning Beautiful x

I have a meeting should be back soon hopefully:)

Il text you:)

H x

I sat up and scrolled through twitter, instagram and FB. It was 1 now I texted Harry to see how much longer he would be.

To Harry x:

Hey thanks for the note:)

When will you be back? Miss you:( xx

From Harry x:

Miss you to:( and in about an hour or so? xx

I locked my phone and went downstairs to make some breakfast.


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