Dead Dawn *Sequel to Dead End*

* A Sequel to Dead End*

KC is moving on fast. The world is becoming a new place, but with the help of her new mate Tanya, and longest friend, Katie, fighting against the infection is the best thing they can do.
They have to move along fast. They travel to a camp, with fresh food and water, but when something happens on the way, Tanya and her brother, KC and Katie are wandering, and when night time falls, will they all wake up alive?


7. Trek 1

Tanya was the one to collect the remains of the food and drink left inside the car. When she'd grabbed them they set off along the long, windy road. For hours they complained and groaned, but they all knew it would be worth it when they found the camp. When night fall arrived they knew the drill; find low ground, curl up and hope you aren't spotted. KC didn't think anyone else knew it, but the smell of rotting would help them to disguise. She was grateful for that, at least. Luckily they'd only spotted three Walkers wandering the roads, groaning, moaning and eating what was left of other dead people.

It made KC feel sick and bad and helpless with so many bodies lying about. She wondered if anyone else in their group thought the same, but if they did, they didn't say anything. They kept their heads down, their minds set and their thirst controlled. It was the only thing they could really do in this situation. None of them had full experience, apart from maybe KC and Katie because at least they knew how to fight.

When morning came, they all woke early. This way they could get more hours done in one day so that it led up to quicker time getting there. They really didn't want to have to spend the night sitting around. It was like being sentenced to death.

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