Man Down

''I can't live without you Jessi."-Niall
"I can't live without you either.''-Jessica

*3 years later*


9. Sandwiches

Jessi P.O.V #10 MINUTES LATER ''Want somthing to eat?''Niall asked.''Sure.''i said.Im starving.I havent eaten breakfast.''Hmm..A ham sandwich?''Niall asked.''Sure.''i said.We walked to the kitchen.''Mayo?''he asked.ill mayonase.''Nah.''i said shaking my head.''I hate mayo too.''he .said.''Ham?''he asked.''Nah..daa whats a ham sandwich without ham.''i said as we started laughing so damn hard.''Cheese?''he asked.''Yes,please.''i asked politely.''Hey,were are you from?'' He said.''Ireland.''i said.''No your not.''he said.I started to cry a little.''What happend love?''he asked''Im from miami florida.''i said.''REALLY?!?''He said.''Wait but why are you crying?''he asked he said as he carried ontop of the counter.''I moved here for a fresh start with my best friends.''i said as he layed his fore head on mine.''Because i had a boyfriend who abused me and cheated on me with my bestfriends.''i said starting to cry even harder.''I-I then left everything behind except my 2 bestfriends.''i said.I hugged Niall and cryed in his chest.He kissed my hair and rubbed my back.''Okay im starving finish the sandwiches.''i said letting go of the hug.He then finnished the sandwiches.And we started eating. *DREAM* -Next Morning- I woke up and i knew excactly what i had to do.''Bye Niall.''i whispered in his ear.I got the gun in the drawer.And...BANG!!BANG!!BANG!!..went the gun.I grabbed his money.And ran away.I ended up in the forest.''I am a criminal.''i whispered to myself.''I am a criminal for a billion people.''i said.''His fans,familily,and his friends.''i said starting to cry.''I still have my gun?''i asked looking at my gun.
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