Man Down

''I can't live without you Jessi."-Niall
"I can't live without you either.''-Jessica

*3 years later*



Jessi P.O.V So my dreams were telling me something but i didnt listen now im broken.''Hello.''N-niall said ''Leave me alone.''i demanded.''We need to talk.''N-niall said.''No.''i said as he closed the door and sat next to me.''Yes.yes we do Jessi.''he said''NO WE DONT YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME AND THAT YOU CANT LIVE WITHOUT ME AND NOW YOU WANT TO BREAK UP WITH ME FOR LILY MqY BEST FRIEND!!'' i yelled''I-IM SORRY JESSI!''N-niall said. ''N-niall how could you make me fall deeply inlove with you and then brake my heart for my best friend.''i said. ''Im sorry L-Jessi.''he said.''See now your trying to call me Lily.''i said''Jessi I-I Love You.''he said.''No you don't.''i said ''If I didnt love you would I do this.''he said.I turned around and he smashed his lips against mine.I smiled at the kiss.He smiled back.We continued kissing.His warm lips on mine always made me smile.*knock knock* Someone knocked the door but we didnt care.''Hello Nia-WOW.''Zayn said i think it sounded like him so.yeah.''Niall.Jessi.Niall James Horan.Jessica Ariana Horan?''he said wait.Did he just say Jessica Ariana Horan?!?! Hold On a minute how does he know my middle name is Ariana.Only my family knows and my diary.Me and Niall were still kissing.I pulled him away and looked at Zayn with my deadly eyes.''what?''he said.''Zayn did you read my diary?''i said''no.''he said shyly.''Why.''he added.''Because,how do you know my middle name is Ariana.'' I said''A lucky guess.''he said.''Are you sure from all the names in the world you chose Ariana.''i said''Fine I looked at your diary.''he said''Bye Zayn.''i said with a smile.''Okay.''he said as he closed the door and left.''Thats the smile.''Niall said''What do you mean.''i asked ''Thats the smile i want to see every morning.''he said as i blushed.''Aww come here.''i said waiting for him to hug me.''BEAR HUG!!''He yelled as he bear hugged me.''Niall.''i yelled while laughing.''Kiss me?''he asked ''don't think I forgived you for what you did to me!''i said''I said Im sorry.''he whined.''Fine.''i said.He smashed his lips on mine.I started brushing his hair. He was rubbing my back in circles. Something about his kiss was like magic.He then kissed my neck and i moaned.He then gently placed his soft,warm,and gentle lips on mine.We started kissing even more.And I pulled him away.''Niall can't do this I-I am leaving now.''i said as i put my shoes on.''WHERE?''He asked''None of your business.''i said as i touched the knob.Niall pushed me to the floor wich made me hurt my head and my bum.''HELP!!!!''
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