As Long As You Love Me

Sophie Baker is a rich girl she has everything she wants but she doesn't ask for it, her dad thinks she needs it. When Sophie was 8 her mom died. What happens when her dad marries again, and he marries a celebrities mom and finds out it is Justin bieber. Sophie doesn't like Justin bieber. What happens though when Justin falls in love with her and he is dating Selena Gomez? Would Sophie fall in love with Justin bieber?? Would it break Selena and Justin apart?
Find out what happens in As Long As You Love Me


5. A bit of a growing belly/ 3 weeks past already:

Sophie POV:

i woke up in another strange room. But then I realized it was mine and cass's room. I get up and take a short shower. I get out and wrap a towel around me. I see Justin sitting in my new bed. Cass was still asleep. Justin looks up to me. He smirks and leaves. I lock the door and change. I changed into this

After I went downstairs and ate some cereal. After another while cass came down showered and dressed. She gasped. " what " I told her. She pointed at my belly. I looked down and saw it a bit larger than the normal size of my stomach. I let out a shriek. " JUSTIN " I screamed. He came running. " WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT. YOU WANT TO SCARE ME TO DEATH OR WHAT" he screamed back. " look at this Justin " I told him as I pointed to my belly. H smiled and left the room. " god Justin is a bitch" I told cass. " I HEARD THAT" Justin screamed. " I KNOW I WANTED YOU TO HEAR THAT" I screamed back. I called the doctors and made an appointment to see if the baby's fine. Me and cass went to the mall and bought toys and stuff for the baby. But not clothes or a crib because we don't know what gender the baby is. We arrived at the store and bought the baby stuff. After we left to my new house.

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