* Don't Let Me Go *

Hannah and her friend Rachel move into a flat together in London . What happens when they both see Harry Styles and Niall Horan at their doorstep ? And what happens when Hannah gets her suicide thoughts back? Will Harry be able to save her ? Will Niall finally get his princess? Read to find out ..


38. Chapter 36.

Harry's POV. From all the drama lately , I forgot about mine and Hannah's engagement . I knew Niall was gonna surprise Rachel and ask her to marry him.. But he put it off for awhile til we all get back on track. I know he wants to ask her badly, I can see it in his eyes. At least he knows he has his princess. I know I have Hannah , But we've been walking on bricks lately .. I know she's in the hospital. I love her like crazy . And she may be having my child. But we still have problems that we need to fix . Some say our relationship is a fake. But I think it's perfect. We may have our problems, but at least we have eachother. Breaking me from my thoughts , a doctor finally comes in the room. "How's Hannah? How's the baby?" I asked quickly . "Hannah is in a coma , as you know. She should be waking up soon from all the progress she's been making. Plus she just got out of surgery 2 hours ago" I nod . "What about the baby?" I ask while turning around and looking at Hannah's lifeless body . "I'm sorry to inform you. But the baby died from the impact of the crash. That's why Hannah was in surgery, and if you wanted to know , you would've had a son ." And with that , my world came crashing down in front of me .

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