Keeping Promises

Paxtynn Hilton was born in Arlington, Texas. But soon moved to London after a lot of sudden family tragedies. She has too live with her thirty year old rapist brother. One day she runs away and unexpectedly runs into you know who.


6. The Breakdown

YO BROS!! ok so maybe I can post two chapters a day? Eh maybe. So I went to the water park today. I just got back. And I might fall asleep while typing this but oh well. Let's how far I can get. Later loves :) oh and I'm listening to Moments as of right now. And I'm crying because last night I was reading a fan fic where Lou commits. And oh my god I couldn't stop crying. Ugh I have blurry vision. Let's see how this goes.

Paxtynn's POV

   I awaken to the sounds of muffled yelling. I roll over. Lou isn't here hm... I roll to the other side to look at the digital clock on the night stand. It reads 1:30am. Shit, it's early. I walk over to the light switch flip it on and change into pj's and head down stairs.

   I walk into the kitchen and see all the boys crowed around Lou, they're yelling and screaming  at him. Since they can't see me I'm just going to listen to the conversation. "WE WERE SUPPOSED TO TAKE TURNS BONDING WITH HER!" Liam screams. I'm surprised because I've never seen or heard Liam scream. Ever. "YEAH I GOT TO KISS HER AND YOU GET FUCKING SLEEP IN THE SAME BED! WOW!" Niall yells at Louis. Now I realize what or should I say who they are talking about. They are referring to me. They are supposed to take turns with me? Am I a toy to them?! I'm a person for Christ's sake! I'm so overwhelmed about what I'm hearing I begin to cry. Why would they treat me like this?!

   I sniffle and before I know it I have five pairs of sad eyes looking at me. I can tell Louis has been crying. But he never cries. "Paxtynn", Harry says with a low soft tone. I begin running up the stairs. The pain is back in my ankle. I can hear their foot steps they all are about a flight behind me. I run to the other room that Louis and I weren't staying in and lock the door.

   "Paxtynn, please. Let us explain." Zayn says with his voice coarse. I walk into the bathroom and look at myself. Blood shot eyes. Messy hair. Bags under my eyes. I look like shit. I break off a piece of the mirror. "I don't deserve to live if I'm just a toy to you all. Why don't I just break myself!" I scream. I slam the bathroom door. Lock it. "PAXTYNN, PLEASE NO!!" Louis screams and I can hear through his choked up voice he's crying harder than before. I take in one last breath. And I make one big gash in my fore arm. I cut for the first time. I felt relieved. The pain gone. I smile. Free at last. I keep cutting around The big gash. Then blood rushes out but I keep going. My thighs. Ankles. And finally cheeks. I see the bathroom door swing open right before I get swallowed up by darkness.

Louis' POV

   I wake up with people shaking me. I open my eyes too see the angry faces of Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Harry. They jerk me out of bed and drag me down stairs. I got a glimpse of the clock before I was dragged out of my room. 1:28am. God, really guys.

   "WHAT THE HELL MATE", Zayn says. "What?" I ask confused "DON"T PLAY DUMB LOUIS!" Harry yells at my face. "WE WERE SUPPOSED TO TAKE TURNS BONDING WITH HER!" Liam screams. I begin to cry I know what they are talking about now...

   "YEAH I GOT TO KISS HER AND YOU GET TO FUCKING SLEEP IN THE SAME BED! WOW!" Niall yells. Ten seconds later we hear a sniffle and turn to see Paxtynn standing there crying. "Paxtynn", Harry says. She turns and runs up the stairs into the other room and locked it. "Paxtynn please. Let us explain", Zayn says to the door. No answer. "I don't deserve to live if I'm just a toy to you all. why don't I just break myself!" She screams. We hear the bathroom door slam shut. I begin crying. Hard. I had to get in. I kicked the hinges of the door and ran to the bathroom. I did the same with the bathroom door. As I run in I see her eyes close. There are cuts in her arms, ankles, thighs, and cheeks. "PAXTYNN NO WAKE UP!" I scream holding her face in my hands.

   "The ambulance is on their way" Liam says looking at me trying not to cry. "WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!" I cry even harder holding her motionless body in my arms. "you really do love her, don't you mate?" Harry asks. I look up at him and he's crying too. All I can do is nod. I rush to the tub and double over since Paxtynn is on the toilet. Then suddenly the ambulance pulls up to the house. I keep doubling over into the tub until they take her away. And there is nothing left to get tossed out. I follow the ambulance and ride to the hospital. Along with the boys. I make my way to the waiting room and fall dead asleep once I sit down.

   I wake up at the right time. The nurse says I can go see her. "She is a coma. She lost a lot of blood but we had some helpful donors. All we can do is wait for her to wake up. Then she will be able to go. Oh and Mr. Tomlinson we did a cat scan. and she seemed to have a broken ankle. So we put a cast on her. Her ankle will be fully recovered in a month from now." She says to me. "Thank you." I manage to say. She leaves and I got sit next to Paxtynn's motionless body. "Why? Why is all I want to know. Please wake up", I say to her knowing she can't hear me. So I take her hand in mine and with that I drift off once again.

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