Keeping Promises

Paxtynn Hilton was born in Arlington, Texas. But soon moved to London after a lot of sudden family tragedies. She has too live with her thirty year old rapist brother. One day she runs away and unexpectedly runs into you know who.


3. Group Meeting

Paxtynn's P.O.V.


As Niall pulls away I open my eyes in shock. "W- wow", is all I manage to get out. It's crazy Louis was always my favorite, but suddenly Niall over ruled him with just one kiss. "We should go back. The lads might be worried", Niall says in his sexy voice. "Wait before we go, we need to promise each other that we will not speak of this, and act like nothing happened." "Agreed." Making our way back I could still feel the electricity and sparks inside of me. I wonder if Niall feels them too? Honestly I think I shouldn't be his girlfriend, so horrible and nasty rumors don't get spread across the world. Then again he is Niall Horan from One Direction that would be a lifetime chance. Wait. No. I cannot be his girlfriend just because he's majorly famous. That would be horrible. As I expected everyone asked what happened to us and where we went. I knew I couldn't break our promise so I lied. To the band members of One Direction. "Niall chased me around with a pillow and cornered me. I tried to beg for mercy but that didn't work. So I took the pillow out of his hands and got him back." "Oh, ok", Louis said sighing. I could tell he knew what really happened and he looked very upset. I guess he likes me too. Oh well. It's not bad if all of One Direction likes me. Is it? Shit, it's a bad thing. Though I'm not really sure about Liam and Zayn.


Liam's P.O.V.


I really like Paxtynn. But I'm trying my hardest not to show it. I can tell Niall, Louis and Harry like her already. And I really don't want to get in a fight over who gets to be Paxtynn's boyfriend. Gosh that girl is adorable. The way she laughs makes me warm inside. Her smile lights up the whole room. But I can't be with her or there is going to be a feud. I, honestly do not want that to happen. So I am just going to lay low through this whole thing.


Louis' P.O.V.


"Hey, can I use one y'alls shower?", Paxtynn asks. That moment made me go half way hard. I can see what Harry feels like now. Thinking of what I could do to this girl I quickly offer. "You can use Harry and I's shower." "Thanks", she says with a smile. "Wait! Do you have shampoo and body wash in that bag?" I ask hoping she will say no. "Um. No.", she sighs. "Well I could run to the store and get you some real quick." "Ok. But if you're going you're going to use my money and I insist." I eagerly take the money and leave. Heading to the elevator I start to think what my excuse might be for 'accidentally' stumbling into the bathroom. Once I'm inside the store I have to put on my hat and shades. Even though it's one in the morning. I put Paxtynn's money in one pocket and take out my own money from the other pocket. Very tricky eh? I walk over to the beauty supplies section and pick out the most expensive and best smelling shampoo and body wash. I head over to the register when I see a mini me. A little Louis doll. I just keep walking making my way over to the cashier. "Is there some special lady that needs the best of the best?", the cashier woman asks. "Oh, yeah she's very special to me" "Wait aren't you Lo-" "SHHH", I say cutting here off. "If you keep this a secret I'll let you come meet the lads whenever you're free", I whisper. "Tomorrow at four", she whispers back. Great. I really hope she keeps this secret between us. As I make my way upstairs I hear laughing. I open the door and fill with rage. They were playing spin the bottle. Without me. "Hey mate", Liam says. "Hey." Trying to cool my self down I walk over and sit next to Paxtynn. "Here's your shower soap and your money" I whisper to her. "Louis I told you to use my money but instead you go and by the most expensive stuff with your own.",  she says unhappily. "Remember I'm a member of the biggest boy band in the world, love." She instantly smiles and gets up. "I'm going to take a shower I'll be done in about twenty minutes." "BYE!", we all say in unison. "Okay lads gather round. Raise your hand if you like Paxtynn." I look around seeing everyone raised their hand. Shit. "Ok. We need to promise each other that whoever she chooses to be hers, we not kill them. Because we are family and we are not going to let a girl ruin or family. Am I right? Good. Okay so we need to make a plan. Letting each other have some alone time with Paxtynn so she can decide which one of us is the chosen one. Since Niall already did I think next should be Liam, Zayn, Harry then me. Sound like a plan lads?" "Yeah it's a deal and promise", Liam says smiling.

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