Keeping Promises

Paxtynn Hilton was born in Arlington, Texas. But soon moved to London after a lot of sudden family tragedies. She has too live with her thirty year old rapist brother. One day she runs away and unexpectedly runs into you know who.


8. Diana

GUYS I AM SERIOUSLY I HAVEN'T POSTED IN LIKE FOREVER!!!! It's been crazy with volleyball homework tests and crap so... also I had my birthday party last week the day after Niall's :) Ok so I am going to try to get this chapter posted today. cause guess what? IT'S HOMECOMING!!! Well in Texas. Omg have you guys like seen how big the mums are in Texas, my gosh!! Some girl's dress ripped because her mum was so big!! lol. It's always bigger and better here in Texas, go hard or go home. Anyways here's chapter 8!

  Louis' POV

   Oh. My. God. Paxtynn's awake. What do I do?! "Louis. Louis? Hello? Louis I need to pee badly! Hello?" She says to me. It feels so comforting to hear her voice again. I can't speak. I don't need too. All I can do is cover my mouth and have wide eyes. I finally acknowledged her words and I instantly ran out the door. I ran all the way to the nurse. "NURSE, PAXTYNN HAS WOKEN UP FROM HER COMA!" I practically screamed at her. "Oh and she told me she needed to pee badly, so you might wanna hurry." I say awkwardly. She speed walks back to Paxtynn's room, I followed her. When we both make our way into her room Paxtynn's got both hands between making a face, that makes her look constipated. I giggle to myself. "Mr. Tomlinson may I ask you to leave so she may relieve herself?" The nurse asks me quickly, she can tell Paxtynn is about to explode. "But she's my girlfriend it's fine." I tell her not wanting to leave Paxtynn for any reason. "Louis please it's a little awkward to pee in a bin in front of you, it will take like ten seconds. I hope." Ugh. Why is it awkward? Well then again I can understand because girls have their moments. And this is one of them. I guess. I walk out of the room and the nurse shuts the door with a smile and tends to Paxtynn. Might as well use this time to talk to the boys. Wait! I haven't told them yet!

From: Louis - Niall, Liam, Harry, Zack


Zack: It's Zayn -_- and really can come and visit!?

Liam: Yeah? Please, please, please?!

From: Louis - Liam

Course! Hurry up though!

Niall: Yay! We are literally running down the stairs to the car right now!

from: Louis - Niall

See ya in a bit!

   "Mr. Tomlinson you may come back in now." The nurse said with a smile. "I feel sooo much better now" Paxtynn says, also with a smile. "I'm just happy you are awake. Oh and guess who's-" I was cut off by Niall, Liam, Harry, and Zayn bursting in the room with loads of stuffed animals and balloons.  "We are here!" Niall screams loudly. Paxtynn is laughing uncontrollably. Her smile once again after a month lights up the room. You can feel the energy. And you can tell everyone else can feel it too.

   "What's with all of this stuff for? Wasn't it just yesterday that I got in this bed?" Paxtynn asks still smiling and laughing. I look at her with  a little pain in my eyes. She looks around everyone has the same expression that is on my face. "What?" She asks with emptiness suddenly filling her eyes. "Paxtynn, you've been in a coma for..." I try to say. "For what Louis?" She asks with pain in her voice. I look at the floor and let a tear escape my eye. "A-a m-month." I swallow hard trying to keep my tears under control. "Oh my God. Louis I'm so sorry. I can't even begin to think about how you've felt over the past month." She says with wet eyes. Now I'm crying. "Don't be sorry, it's all our fault remember?" I say looking behind me. The rest of the boys are crying.

   Suddenly the nurse walks in with a clipboard. "Mr. Tomlinson, she may leave today but first I need you to sign this." She hands me the clipboard and a pen. Quickly I sign my name, Louis William Tomlinson. "Thank you so much I hope you feel better Paxtynn." The nurse says then leaves with a smile. Paxtynn gets up, comes over and hugs Niall, Liam, Harry, Zayn, then finally myself. I get the longest of them. Once we let go we leave the building, hop in the car and drive to the flat.

   When we arrive at the flat we take the elevator to the living room. This whole time no one has said a single word. Not even on the ride back. We all pile in and sit down on the couch. Still no talking. "You guys I'm really sorry I ruined your lake house vacation." Paxtynn says burying her face in her hands, crying. I got an idea! I motion for the boys silently. We all nod and start singing.



Diana, let me be the one to light a fire inside

those eyes

You've been lonely you don't even know me

but I can feel you crying


Diana, let me be the one to

lift your heart up and save your life

I don't think you even realize

Baby, you've been saving mine


   She lifts her head up and smiles "Group hug!" Liam shouts. And with that we are all in each others arms. Safe and sound. Everything is perfect.


  Ok guys so I just HAD to put Diana in part of this chapter! I am literally addicted to that song. And since it was leaked today It just makes sense you know. Ok so maybe another chapter I'm hoping. Tomorrow I am going to try and post all day so... yeah. Chapter nine will be coming to you very soon. :)

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