The soul hunter

In the city of London, David Redford is a bounty hunter for people trying to skip their payments. The payment being their soul.


1. The Job

The Demon drummed his fingers on the mahogany desk impatiently; in the human meat suit he had picked to possess for the occasion .

Finally there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” the Demon called.

A man strolled in wearing an old jacket, his brown hair messy.

“David Redford you called me,” he said sitting down in a chair.

The Demon let it's eyes glide over the individual. Still fairly young, with some light wrinkles around his eyes hinting at his true age. His unnatural purple eyes full of power and purposefulness.

“Yes I did I understand you are a bounty hunter highly recommended,” The Demon replied.“Mr Black.”

The Demon put his hand out but David ignored it.

“What's the job?” David asked getting straight to the point.

“I want you to find Anita Williams and bring her to me she sold me her soul and I was meant to claim it two days ago but she has disappeared,” Mr Black said in a tone of frustration. His hand clenching into a fist.

“What is the reward?”

“One hundred thousand pounds.”

David cocked one eyebrow in surprise.

“Really she must be important,” David said and sat up straight in his chair. Suddenly interested in what Mr Black had to say.

“Will you accept the job?”

“Yes I accept it.”

“Good,” the Demon grinned and handed David a file.

David flicked through the pages, scanning over the details. There was a picture of a woman clipped to the top corner,she had long black hair and olive coloured skin.

“I must warn you that Anita is no ordinary human she is a witch and is dangerous.”

“I have had dealings with many dangerous clients Mr Black I assure you I will deliver,” David said. He closed the file.


David left the room. The file tucked under his arm and was thinking about the prospect of having the money.

“An unusually big prize must have sold her soul for something important,” David thought. Although he would never ask what that was, it wasn't part of the job to question.

David felt something behind him and was shoved forward. He stumbled almost falling over; the pages of the file spilled out all over the floor.

There was sniggering behind David.

“Hello half-blood.”

David turned around and saw a couple of Demons, one of them bared it's fangs at him.

“You shouldn't be here scum,” the other one snarled pointing at David with one of it's claws.

David didn't reply, he shot them a poisonous look staring directly into their eyes. The demons broke eye contact intimidated by David.

“Half-blood scum,” one of them spat at him and they hurried away.

David pick up the papers stuffing them into the file furiously. His hands were trembling with anger, his muscles tensed up. David wanted to kill them so much. He tried to focus on his breathing, he counted to ten slowly, the feeling of anger ebbing away.

The demons were right he was a half-blood. His mother was human, his father a demon meaning he was an unnatural, unstable and unpredictable creature. Which neither demons nor humans wanted to associate with.



David started working on the case. He knew Anita would still be in London because you were bound to the place you sold your soul in. This made it easier except this was London one of the biggest and busiest cities therefore it was easy to hide in.

David used all his human intellect and demonic powers to search for her. Walking through the corrupt streets of London crowded with humans and demons.

One day David found her.

David almost spilt his drink seeing her at a bar. Recovering himself he sat at the far end of the bar and watched, sipping his drink.

The person talking to her left, leaving Anita all alone.

David maneuvered his way through the crowd full of people dancing, drinking and shouting. David sat on the stool next to her.

Anita glanced at him but didn't take any interest.

“Hello Anita,” David said.

Anita looked at him startled.

“Who are you?” She demanded inching away from him.

David swiveled his stool round and replied “I have heard that you are overdue on your payment to Mr Black.”

David sipped his drink watching Anita run her hand through her hair nervously.

“You are a bounty hunter?”

“Yes I am.”

Anita's eyes darted around the room debating on whether to run or not.

“There's no use running Anita,” David said simply.

Anita seemed to believe him but her body was rigid readying to run if she had to.

“Option one: You can come with me and I can take you to Mr Black to give up your soul he may take mercy on you. Or option two: you can try to run and I will snap that protection bracelet on your wrist and you will be exposed.”

David's eyes flashed to Anita's bracelet which she covered with her hand at the mention of it.

“You know his demons will come and take you by force.”

Anita nodded there were tears in her eyes.

“I...” Anita trailed off her voice thick with fear.

David felt sorry for her.

“I will give myself up,” Anita said in defeat. She started to cry, she took David's hand.

David looked at her trying to think of a way to comfort her, when everything went blurry. David blinked and saw himself sat in front of him like a reflection.

David pulled his hand away in shock and saw his hand was a woman's; slender with red nail polish.

“What is this?” David said but nothing came out. He tried to talk again but it felt like his vocal cords were glued together.

“Cat got your tongue,” sneered the David opposite him.

David grabbed the coat of this other David bringing him closer. Behind those eyes was Anita.

“What did you do!” David wanted to shout, he could only mouth it.

Anita laughed his laugh. Removing David's hand from the coat.

“I said I would give myself up not my soul.”

David's eyes widened in horror.

“Did you forget that I'm a witch ?” Anita smiled. “I have cast a spell which swapped our bodies so when they come to get you they will have the wrong person, and not even know until they rip out your soul. By then I will have had gone through a hundred different bodies they won't find me.”

“No,” David mouthed and went to grab Anita.

He heard the rattle of metal and looked down, Anita's protection bracelet had snapped.

“The bracelet broke what a shame I guess the demons will be here,” Anita said in a patronizing tone.

David felt claws dig into his shoulder and was spun around. He was face to face with a demon.

“You have found her that's good for a half-blood,” The Demon said to Anita.

David tried to explain to the Demon that she stole his body.

“Why can't she talk?” the Demon asked suspicious of Anita.

“I took away her voice because she was trying to cast some spell I had to stop her,” Anita lied.

David shook his head. No that's her that's her! David pointed to Anita.

“Ignore what she says or does can't trust a witch,” Anita said.

“Of course here's your payment,” The Demon handed over the envelope.

“Thank you how much was it again?” Anita asked opening the envelope where the fresh notes burst out.

“Hundred thousand pounds.”

“Good.” Anita slipped the envelope into the inside pocket.

No! David mouthed and slipped out of the Demon's grip and lunged at Anita. She neatly sidestepped him and David fell to the ground. He went to get up and go after her again.

The Demon grabbed hold of him and handcuffed his hands.

David was dragged up from the floor struggling against the Demon.

“Please,” David mouthed to her.

“Bye Anita,” She said.

Anita gave a little wave to David her new mouth curling up into a smile.

That was the last thing David saw before being taken away.





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