Battle Born

This is a short story about a young boy Alfonso (Alfie) Romero and his evening leading up to a battle where he knows he is almost certainly going to loose his life.


5. The Descent to Death

Around 30 minutes later Alfonso returned to the library after freshening up in the shower and changing into a white t-shirt and black skinny jeans. Gwyneth raised one perfectly plucked eyebrow at him as he flopped down onto the sofa obviously not approving of his casual clothing. Since he’d met the beautiful, blonde girl there hadn’t been a day where she wasn’t on at him about his style and how he needed to dress better like the other demon hunters. He shook his head and dropped eye contact with her, fixing them instead on one of his many scars. He body was ridden with scars, like the one he had gained tonight, big and little, often from fighting with demons and although they were imperfections he was proud of them as for a demon hunter scars completed your look. His dark purple eyes flashed up to the door before he heard the frantic knock that sent him flying to his feet, poised for battle with one silver dagger spinning in his fingers.

“Guy’s get into your fighting gear!” shouted Storm pushing the door open quickly revealing his tall figure coated in midnight black armour, a long slender katana balanced in his left hand. “The dark army has decided to launch an attack and they need all of us ready...NOW!” he explained before darting back out of the library and leaving Alfie and Gwyn shell-shocked by the sudden news and the desperate plea for them to be battle ready. Gwyneth was the first to move, racing out of the door and dragging Alfonso along behind her towards their chambers where their gear lay. She deposited him at his door and left him to get ready for whatever demons they were about to face. Immediately Alfie rushed over to the chest of draws just under his window, pulled them open and then begin rummaging through them in blind panic for his armour. When he found it he promptly threw on the chest plate and leg plates before slipping on his pitch black gloves, fitted with a metal reinforcement so that anything he punched would come off a lot worse than him. Her spun around to quickly glance in the mirror at his reflection. He was dressed like a soldier and armed like he was ready to take on the world. Another knock at his door made him switch into action mode and his hands raced towards the handle tugging it open in one swift movement revealing Lucia, Storm and Gwyn stood there, kitted out like him in their dark black fighting gear. He shot them a quick grin before stepping out into the now crowded corridor to join them on their descent down the multiple flights of stairs to the ground floor.

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