The Curse Of The Carpet Building.

it was that day when I gave her the present, my whole life turned upside down, everyone disappeared, and the zombie apocalypse has started how am i going to put everything right?


2. The Disappearance.

I got to work at nine o'clock, I saw everyone exchanging presents, the thought of that woman played on my mind, like she was there next to me, gorming as I took every step towards the office, repeating our conversation, making sure I explain everything to Lucy. I entered the office  and said "Lucy, I decided to give my gift to you this year, here you go",  "thank you, what is this", she replied with a jumpy tone to her voice "it's a good luck box, you must promise you will never open it, if you do you will bring bad luck upon us all, but if you don't then we will all have good luck", "I promise" she replied, and at that I left the office, I didn't believe her you know, I knew she had the resisting temptation to open the box, but still I sat down and finished my work, after finishing my work, I went home, and had tea, and headed of straight to bed, but that night there was something wrong, I had dreams of a box being opened, and a flash of light coming out, and everything going crazy, it felt like a calling of the future that was going to put me in a position where I could walk no further, that the last part of earth had burnt down.

Next morning, I got up and felt a strange feeling,but still I carried on as normal, I looked to the side of me, and my wife had gone, so I removed my self from the quilt, got up and slouched all the way to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, but as I was doing this, I looked in the mirror and saw the box with the opened lid in my reflection, so quickly I interacted water with my face and the reflection had gone, and I could see my face.

I got ready in my beautiful fifty pound suit, went down stairs to see my wife and kids had dissapeared, I went on to the street expecting to see children walking to school with there parents, and the lollipop man crossing people over the road, but no, there was absolutely nothing.

I ran to work with an expressed, over exadurated scare, I arrived and ran up the stairs with horror slashing through my face, but no, no one was there, I ran into Lucy's office, and again, even she wasn't there, but what was that?, I saw a note on the table,it read "please watch me!", underneath the note,there was a CD taped to it, I got into my ford fiesta, drove home at high speed with worried written all over my face, sprinted into the house, rammed the plug into the socket, and put the CD into the DVD player, at first I was thinking what is this?, and what has she done?, the worry I was feeling, felt like you have just committed a crime, and you know you are going to get punished for it, on the CD I saw her open the box and everything was flying everywhere, and people's skin was getting tore from there skeleton, also people's face's going grey and old, the thought was what am I going to do next?

after watching the film I thought, "I am the only one that can put thing's right", so I ran to the library with an instant rush, I thought of the streets as a cowboy setting, tumble weed, would we class this as deserted?, I think so, but anyway, I got to the library, and to my luck, the book I wanted was on the table, it said that I had to find the key and put the lock back on the box, and everything will go away, and everything will come back as normal. 


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