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  • Published: 31 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 31 Jul 2013
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Kaia is a half angel and to become a full angel and start defending the good (humans) and killing the evil (demons) she must first complete her analogy. I t will test her brains, strength, speed and ability. How hard can it be when you've trained all your life?


1. Analogy


I sigh, tiredly. Facebook is exceedingly boring, which isn't anything new. I am decidedly glad I will not have to act like a human after tonight. Their lives, for the most part, are uninteresting. 

I have realized that as my analogy draws nearer my senses have heighten. I can smell the grease from the grill, hear the routine drip of water from the outside pipe and almost still taste the remains of the fry we had for breakfast sitting by the sink. A smile tugs at the corner of my mouth. I can't wait to leave the normal world and enter the hidden one. I can't wait to be an angel. 

Angels are faster, stronger and brighter than humans. That is why we are the protectors of good (the humans) and killers of evil ( the demons hidden as humans in our world). 

'Ready Kaia?'

I shiver out of my electronic trance and realize Jack's eyes boar into mine casually, as usual showing no emotion. 

'Bored actually!' I reply with a smirk, standing up and doing my best to glide with the comfortable speed of a full angel over to my coat. 'But yes, I am also ready.'

I don't hear him but I feel the tingle of his breath down the back of my neck and smell is fresh herbal scent before I realize he is now right behind me. 'Don't be scared Kaia' he whispers menacingly into my ear.

My breath catches momentarily before I regain full function of my brain. ' Is that a joke?' I remark confidently. 

Turning toward the door my exit is suddenly blocked by his strong bronzed arm. I can already ready hear other angels and half angels waiting on the street for us, laughing, yelping and generally making noise. 'I'm serious' He says in a soft deep tone. His deep brown almost black eyes stare at me with a look of what I can only describe as concern. 'I think you will do really well if you try.'

'I'll keep that in mind' I say dismissively, pushing past him to swing the door open and join the others on the street. I always try?


                                                                    * * *

Bored of listening to the other half angels discussing their fears for our analogy I quicken my pace, striding ahead of them, alone. I can feel my blond hair wave freely behind my and the cold night's wind fresh on my face, waking me up.

  Jack falls into stride with me as we reach the Holy Cliffs where the analogys will be held. The light from streetlights around us cast dark shadows on his face and magnify the glint in his eye. 'Nervous?'he asks mockingly . The streetlights highlight the gold flecks in his rich brown hair.

'No.' I retort, much too sharply. He smiles. He knows I'm lying. 

'I'm sure you were at your analogy but you know, I'm fearless.' I whisper the last part. It's an attempt to cover up the fact that really I am terrified. I will hunt my first demon tonight and I will do it alone. Though we usually hunt in packs we fight our first demon alone so the Clan can analysis what pack we are suited to. The better the pack, the more demons they fight.  

'Funny.' he says without laughing. 'Good luck.'

Without realizing, he's gone and we have reached the Holy Cliffs. It's more crowded than usual. People have come for the show and as an excuse to celebrate. 

Scanning the crowd quickly I immediately spot the other half angels huddled together looking terrified in front of a tent that I'm guessing is where we register. Pathetic. I think. They could at least try to hide their fear, we are supposed to be demon killers for God's sake.

Scraping my long hair casually into a hair tie - the only preparation left to do - I walk past my peers, eyes fixed on the woman  standing at the opening of the tent. 

'Kaia Demor' I state and without looking at me she jots my name down. Her hand is covered in white ink and rings. 

'Good luck, number one.' She says still without looking and points me to the inside of the tent, it's a hallway.

The sounds of the crowds outside are muffled as I walk down the empty hall, but that only attracts my attention. My fingers twitch and I can hear blood pumping loudly in my ears. I don't try to hide my nerves here though, no one can see me. 

The hall widens out and I see an older looking man with dark skin standing silently beside a table of weapons. 

'When you hear the gong' He starts, handing me my weapons.

'you will walk out this door and outside. There, you will be immersed in a crowd of holographic humans. They are not real. The demon hidden among them however is. Your job is to find it and kill it.' 

I nod sliding another knife into my belt and taking a large sword from him.

I've only just put the sword in its sheath on my back, when the gong sounds and I walk into the arena. I've seen it so many times when I've come to the cliff for social gatherings, but I only realize now there is a guard surrounding the arena. Everyone including the Clan is watching me, but I can't see them. However, I can see about two dozen people milling around what is no longer the plain arena but a park. 

My head whirs with adrenaline but I have sense enough to climb the nearest tree so I can see everyone clearly. 

I still can't focus on anyone in particular so I close my eyes and breath deeply in and out twice.

When my eyes reopen my vision is clear. OK, step one; Rule out anyone talking. Demons can look like humans but they can't talk. That rules out about ten. 

Step two; Saffron dust, most demons will react in some way to saffron. I take the packet of it i was given out, jump down from the tree and sprinkle it as I walk through the park. Nothing. 

Great the Clan isn't going to make this as easy as I hoped.

My head snaps up to a sound high above my head. A bird. I'm still not used to my new found hearing.

I curse myself realizing the obvious. My hearing. Demons do not breath and now I can hear with ease which person here is not breathing.

It doesn't take me long to find my disguised demon. It is a young man, tall, lean and strong. Their built reminds me of Jack. Though not for long as our eyes lock and it realizes its caught. 

The skin at the center of its forehead starts to split and a black goo starts to ooze out of the growing gap. 

Once the demon has shed its human form it stands thin but almost ten feet tall. Really? I think. A Sarvec demon? They are one of the more difficult to kill. 

It roars as I grap a dagger from either side of my belt and throw them one after the other with my left hand at the demons eyes. Bulls eye. Pus and a dark green almost black liquid bursts out around its punctured eyes and it falls to the ground. 

 I whip my sword out from behind me and give it twirl - purely for the entertainment of those watching - before slicing off a claw that has appeared out of the side of the demon.  More dark green liquid bursts out of the arm and splats my new hunting gear. Great.

The demon lies convulsing and screaming on the ground. I twitch, its screams sounds like nails on a chalk board. With full force i throw myself and the sword towards the neck of the demon and have sliced into about half of it when another claw swings at me throwing me off and onto the ground. 

I don't feel the force of the throw as i land, my adrenaline prevents that, but I do feel its tallons scrape the side of my face. I yell in anger and pain pushing myself to my feet and collecting my sword that lies beside me. 

Now I sprint still yelling and leaping over the severed claw from earlier before digging my sword into the creature and pulling through its flesh. Almost at the same time as I stop feeling the force of flesh against my sword the demon is gone. Dead.

Dizzy, I realize how fast and hard my breathing is, so I stand up straight breathing deeply into the bottom of my lungs and flick stray pieces of hair away from my face.

A door opens at the opposite end from where I entered and I walk to it with calm confident strides. Though I want to, I don't smile. I keep my emotions under wrap so the Clan sees I am mature, that the demon didn't even phase me. 

Outside I am swarmed by people congratulating, clapping and celebrating my victory against the Sarvec. I'm so small the crowds of people patting me on the back and hugging me nearly blocks out the moon above, but it's wonderful. Bathing in victory, It's a rush like when I'm fighting but much more controlled and calm.

As people turn their attention back to the arena for the next half angel's fight, I am left standing in a group of angels comically reliving their analogys. I'm barely listening to begin with but when I spot Jack looking at me, leaning casually against a wall I forget them all together and run. 

I can feel a smile spread across my face and the image is mirrored in Jack's face. Leaping into his arms, I pull mine around his neck and sink my head into the alcove between his head and shoulders. His safe, strong arms hold me and I breath out relief I did not know was there.

Pulling away I say 'Well, do you think I tried?'

He laughs ' I think you may even be as good as me someday. Maybe' He traces were the Sarvec scratched me, it's starting to burn now. ' If you keep trying'. 

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