1D story!!!!!!!!!
]This story goes to Hannah or as you may call her Hharper13.
Hi my name is Hannah.I'm a secret journalist who writes articles for the magazine M.I know I'm too young but they thought why not use a 13 year old and use our connections to win competitions to stay with celebrities and send her to get the latest scoop.And my next mission is to get some mind-blowing news of................................drum roll please........................................One Direction.Well because alot of news have been going that aren't their usual selfs so I'm investigating.
(don't hesitate to hate as I am open to the new ideas)


7. ?????????????

Louis POV-

"What do you mean you have diploma and in what"I reorted.

"I have a bachelors degree in journalism"she shouted back.

"Yeah right"Zayn said not looking up from his phone so I assume he's texting Perrie.

"Well okay lets play T or D"Kaelyn said getting up to sit beside Niall.

Hannah's POV-

"I'll start ok Truth or Dare Niall"I said deviously.

"Dare"Niall said bravely,

"Oh acting brave in front of your girl are we,But I dare you to only eat three meals tomorrow with no Nandos and if you back out infact anyone backs out what their asked to do we have to burn some of your favourite things in a bonfire!!!!!!!"I said not controlling myself.

Everyone gasped at how I could be so cruel while Kaelyn was calming Niall down and telling Nialll not to worry.

"GEEEZ just answer the question"I said scaring the shit out of him,wait rewind oh no no no no no!.See I can't controll myself sometimes while playing this game so I got up and said sorry to Niall and ran to the toilet and locked myself in there.I started crying my eyes out remebering everything,how my brother died,how Mum and Dad started getting too busy for me at work!

I suddenly got a phone call from my Mom."Hi Hannah I need you to come home me and your dad have something to tell you we sent a driver to pick you up and don't worry it'll only be for a week"she said before hangin up.I ran out with the boys hot at my feet climbed in the car before the boys caught me and was escorted to the airport in under 5 minutes.

I forgot to bring and luggage so skip security check and straight on to the plane.I was waiting for the other passengers to board when I got multiple calls from the boys,I declined and turned my phone off and got ready for the rest of my plane ride.

*skip plane ride*

I got off the plane and was escorted to a car by my Mom and Dads personal body guards.I witched on my phone to see I had 110 missed calls ans 1 new text message from Niall.


Hannnah I forgive you no need to flee the country pls come back!!

Just in time I looked up to see my house.........


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