Teen Age Runaway... Harry Styles fanfic

With Love if your truly in love then you'd do anything for it.. give your life.. Leave everything behind... Lie to save that special someone.. right?
That's what Cleo Edwards was told through all her life from her mother and she's going by it finishing her final year of College at a new college after moving to a whole different town to Manchester Performing Arts College and becoming instantly popular you'd think Cleo had the life problem was she liked this one boy well loved this one boy and that boy loved her but her family disapproved of him because of one stupid mistake Cleo's family on her back about how she's ruined her life she's just about ready to crack. The day she does her family forces to choose over a weeks of deciding either her family or Harry she chooses harry.
but will this decision destroy her life forever or make it a happy ever after?
love makes you do stupid things after all.


2. Midnight Meeting

Cleo POV

after 2 hours of repeat to simple plan my dad finally snapped and ripped my CD player out of the power point thingy and stormed out my mum came up an hour ago saying good night and nothing else annabella just walked by looking dazed and went to bed its 11:30 pm now I have school in 2 days and I'm dying I don't want to go right now I'm zipping up my grey jacket and slipping on my black VANS...

I'm not running away it's just when I'm upset or pissed off I either sit on the roof top looking at the stars or I go for a walk tonight felt like a walking night explore the town.. I opened my window doors out to my balcony and climbed down the rose wall thingo and dropped to the ground with an omf I made sure that I didn't wake any of my parent and went to the back fence jumping it...


I had just closed up the bakery and I was heading home I decided to take the back way tonight to get home quicker I humming to my self kicking some stones that where on the path when I heard something land on the ground I looked up and saw a girl about my age long brown hair that was swept to her left shoulder she had on a grey jacket some skinny blue jeans and black VANS she seemed pretty fit when she turned I saw her piercing blue eyes look at me I smiled and waved a little she lifted her hoodie and swerved on her heal walking the other way.. the way I was walking to get to my house


As I landed I put my hair to the side I thought I saw a figure when I jumped so I turned around there was a boy around my age he looked cute curly hair gelled to a quiff loose white top skinny leg jeans and some old lookin shoes he smiled at me then did an awkward half- wave I just turned on my heal lifting my hood I know nothing about this town if there's creeps or not and I am sure as hell not finding out tonight I started walking down the path but then when I took a glimpse over my shoulder the boy was behind me looking out to the small river thingo I shrugged and kept walking five minutes went by and I looked back again he was still following me so I stopped walking all he did was walk around me and kept going I ran up to him and pulled him back

"What are you doing?" I asked crossing my arms he looked at me the pointed to the path

"Walking.." He stated like I was some retard

"Why'd you keep walking?" I asked pointing behind me motioning about before

"Because I'm walking hommee.." He said lookin  a little lost I then realised he wasn't following me

"Uhm... I- I- I'm gonna go" I said quickly putting my head down and speed walking down the path.. HOW EMBARRASING OH MY GOOODDD

"HEY WAIT UP!" He shouted I stopped and turned around he was running towards me but he didn't stop running till the last second and crashed into me


"Sorry I didn't see you"

"How could you not see me..you...you idiot you said to stop so I did!" I said now fully pissed he looked a little dazed I just rolled my eyes and started heading home so annoyed that he ripped my fav pair of jeans

"Hey BLUE EYES!" he yelled I stopped and turned around

"What did you call me?" I said leaning on one leg crossing my arms

"Blue eyes.." He mumbled

"It's Cleo Genius"

"Harry" He said putting his hand out I dodged it and walked away I knew he was following me.

*15 mins later*

I got to my back fence and climbed up it and sat on it turning to harry

"What?" I asked in a bitchy town

"I want to say sorry" he replied grabbing the side of my fence

"I don't care" I said simply jumping over into my back yard I ran to the rose bush wall thingo and started climbing when I got to my balcony I turned around harry was standing in my back yard

"GET OUT OF MY BACK YARD YAH CREEP!" I said in a whisper/shout

"I just want to give you something to say sorry"

"Oh and what are you gonna give me Curly" I asked crossing my arms he smirked

"Tomorrow morning I show you around town"

"Hard pass on that bucko Im going to bed" I said walking to my door surprisingly he didn't reply I guess he left.. I got to my suitcase and pulled out my super man top and black boxers slipping it on I closed my curtains forgetting to close them luckily I got changed in my walk in wardrobe!!


Cleo was very beautiful and stuborn on a normal day i'd leave her alone but I couldn't help but felt drawn to her... weird I know but when she closed her curtains and I saw her light being turned off I climbed up I'm leaving her a gift if she's new in town she might goto my school Manchester Performing Arts College!

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