Teen Age Runaway... Harry Styles fanfic

With Love if your truly in love then you'd do anything for it.. give your life.. Leave everything behind... Lie to save that special someone.. right?
That's what Cleo Edwards was told through all her life from her mother and she's going by it finishing her final year of College at a new college after moving to a whole different town to Manchester Performing Arts College and becoming instantly popular you'd think Cleo had the life problem was she liked this one boy well loved this one boy and that boy loved her but her family disapproved of him because of one stupid mistake Cleo's family on her back about how she's ruined her life she's just about ready to crack. The day she does her family forces to choose over a weeks of deciding either her family or Harry she chooses harry.
but will this decision destroy her life forever or make it a happy ever after?
love makes you do stupid things after all.


5. curious mothers what can ya do?


Harry left about an hour ago he gave me his number... not even a day of knowing he's a desperate one! I chuckled to my self laying on my bed mum burst through my door with a big smile she jumped on me and started shaking me

"MUM WHAT THE HELL" I screamed she stopped and looked like a crazy nutter holding me down

"Who is he. How'd you meet. You should date him. He's hot. I wont care if you go prego from him!" she said in a rush my eyes widened in shock I shoved her off of me and tackled her

"One. His names Harry. two we met when I went walking a few nights back and don't yell at me I don't care three no. four I know! five MUM!" she smiled and nodded pushing me off and walking out I sighed getting up my phone beeped and I dived for it over my bed and snatched it sighing that it was Harry

Harry- What you doin? hxx

Cleo- nothing just got integrated by my mother.

Harry- How so? xx

Cleo- all in all she likes you and doesn't give to shits if I get prego from you.

Harry- Is that an invertation ;)

Cleo- Perv. No.

Harry- Only joking

Cleo- Surreeee goto go curly seeya ;)

Harry- byeeeee ;)

I chuckled putting down my phone slipping on some yoga pants my old Yorkshire hoodie and my blue nikes I slipped my hair in a pony tail and grabbed my head phones and my phone walking down stairs

"Where are you going?" My dad asked I just glanced at him and walked out I heard my mum chuckle and say

"i like the new her.. she can take control" I started chuckling at that then slipped my head phones in clicking play which so happened to be on stario hearts my fav  song I sang as I jogged down the road yeah I have good lungs so I can sing and run it's a weird technique I do as I was running I passed Harry's Cafe and just as I was running a person exited the cafe and I crashed into them doing a little spin then collapsing on my face it didnt bleed or even have a graise thank the lord but I did wack my fore head the person I bumped into stood up brushing of his pants 

"I'm so sorry I should have checked before opening the door" He said I groaned standing up I turned around to see a really good looking guy

"Nah it was my fault I shouldn't have been looking around whilst I was running.. I'm Cleo"

"Louis... I have never seen you around here." He stated I nodded smiling

"I only arrived here a couple of days back" I stated he nodded I took in his apperance normals T-shirt trackies and runners I smirked

"Running or walking?"


"Like wise" I stated he chuckled and took a drink of the juice he brought

"Well.. Louis I should be going" I stated opening the cafe door I am thirsty now 

"Uhm Cleo can I join you get to know each other?" I turned around to see Louis blocking the door way a mother and her little kid where standing behind him annoyed I chuckled the little girl pushed him a little and walked in he looked shocked and turned around and quickly said sorry to the lady and walked to me I smiled

"Your an idiot and yes you may join me just gonna get an ice tea" I stated walking to the counter where Gemma was sitting once again I smiled 

"Ello stranger" I said she shot her head up and smiled

"Hey what are you doing here... why do you have a bruise on your forehead" She asked I touched my forehead and winced guess the collied with that guy Louis was harder then I thought 

"Oh I just collided with this guy Louis out side the shop" I said she smiled and nodded

"That's Harry's friend if your looking for harry he's out the back" She said i shook my head

"no I just came to get a juice I was going on a jog." i said she nodded and laughed

"What juice you want?" she asked looking in the fridge

"Apple will do" I said she nodded handing it to me I went to pay 

"Your a new comer its on the house" She said I nodded smiling waving good bye and heading back for my jog..

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