Forbidden love

Dani meets a boy named harry and falls in love with him but will he break up with her when Taylor gets pregnant? Read the story to find out(i copied some of this story from another story the other story is written by shay123)


4. Pregnant

Louis pov

i put her in the basement so that harry would freak out i let go of the girl and started freaking out i just kept on ignoring her she came up to me and kissed me on the cheek and then slapped me i was finally listening she then said listen i don't want to be here so rather you let me out or do you wanna meet the monster?.i said the monster.she then flipped me over and i fell right on my back i felt her grab my keys and close the door and lock my back hurts.

danis pov

i locked Louis in the room so that he didnt tie me up again.i quickly ran upstairs and opened the door with the keys Liam and niall had harry tied up to the bed.i grabbed niall and Liam by the hair and threw them into the basement and locked it i ran upstairs and untied harry and helped him up.thanks for untying me the ropes were tight harry said.i stared into his green eyes that was the wrong chose i suddenly ended up kissing him!i stopped when i realized zayn wasn't in the room!harry wheres zayn!i said.i then heard someone behind me say "right here staring at you guys kissing see harry likes you but he wouldn't admit zayn said.i then started blushing and ran out of the room i went downstairs i was about to open the door when taylor swift opened the  door and said wheres harry i need to talk to him!!.she had anger in her voice i pointed upstairs she ran upstairs and went into his room i ran up there to quietly so that they didnt hear me i looked in the room and zayn wasn't there weird.i kept on spying when I heard taylor say "I'm pregnant".my jaw dropped open harrys did too.she then said its your baby because we had sex remember?.harry said well ya but i don't think I'm ready for this Taylor I've never been a father and i can't leave my bandmates and were not together!"Taylor said well then will you go out with me again harry?.harry said no i can't because i have feelings for somebody else.taylor said your leaving me for that girl aren't you harry even when I'm pregnant uhhhh I'm gonna kill her and when I do I will make you love me forever and well have our baby together!

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