Forbidden love

Dani meets a boy named harry and falls in love with him but will he break up with her when Taylor gets pregnant? Read the story to find out(i copied some of this story from another story the other story is written by shay123)


11. Missing

Hey guys if you wanna be a character you have to tell me your eye color hair color and if your gonna be a gurly girl or a bad tough girl and wat your name is gonna be anyways keep reading~~~

danis pov

we heard a knock on the door and harry told me too go hide in his closet i did and quietly ran over there.i heard harry open the door i opened the doors of the closet to see who it was it was taylor! She pushed harry on the bed and started kissing him she told him to kiss back or she would kill him he kissed her back and took off his shirt she took off her shirt too i closed the door of the closet silently and started using my phone but i couldn't focus because all i heard was moaning and groaning it then stopped and opened the door again harry and taylor were naked but taylor had her bra and underwear on and harry was fully naked.

harrys ppov

me and taylor were making  out and she took everything off me and she then was about to suck my ding dong when i closed my legs and then she kept kissing me at the end i was fully naked and taylor only had her bra and underwear on i hope dani didnt see this taylor put her clothes on and left and closed the door.dani came out and was covering her eyes while i put my clothes on.when i finished putting my clothes on i came up to dani and brought her to the living room we sat down and watched tv i went into the kitchen to make food.once i was finished i went into the livingroom but dani wasnt there!

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