Forbidden love

Dani meets a boy named harry and falls in love with him but will he break up with her when Taylor gets pregnant? Read the story to find out(i copied some of this story from another story the other story is written by shay123)


14. Love in the pool

Harry's pov

i saw dani naked so i came up to her without looking at her body and gave her the dress that i bought her it had black on the bottom with ruffles and pink belt and it is black on the top with small white polka dots.she took the dress and i got out.a few minutes later she came out of her room and looked so beautiful she ran outside the back door where i saw a pool i was amazed cause i didn't even know she had one she was standing next to the pool i came up to her and then she flipped me over so i fell into the pool.

danis pov

i flipped harry into the pool he put his hand  out so that i can help him out i knew that he was gonna pull me into the pool so i jumped in he said he didn't care if my dress got wet.i went to harry and started splashing him he splashed back once we stopped i realized he was right in front of me he got close to my lips and started kissing me i kissed him back.he stopped and then the words that I've been waiting for him to say since we first kissed came out of his mouth........................................................................will you go out with me?



so anyways guys if anyone wants to be co author just ask and give me ideas I'm running out of them lol.anyways if you wanna know where to text me just read my book one direction turned me chapter 3 authors note.

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