17 year old Arianna thought she was a normal girl until she wakes up with a nasty burn on her arm- and she watches it heal before her eyes. Then she meets the mysterious Kai and is thrust into a world she never could have dreamed existed.


1. Burned

The familiar black hair and piercing blue eyes were staring at me in a barren landscape that was scorched by fire. There was a wall of flame as far as I could see separating me and the stranger. I reached my hand forward to touch the flames and as the flames touched my forearm, the skin burned away. I was in absolute agony. I started gasping the withdrew my arm from the flames and realised my arm was raw and the flesh and bone could be seen. As I screamed out in pain, the stranger leant forward to say something but as he did, another violent surge of pain shot through my arm and I woke up. Remembering my dream, I threw the covers off me, feeling the pain before I saw its source, and looked at my arm. And there, unsurprisingly, was a huge burn, dominating most of my arm. I leapt out of bed and ran to the bathroom, trying to refrain from screaming. I saw my reflection in the mirror as I threw on the cold tap. My blond hair and pale complection were darkened by ash and dust. I glanced down at my burning arm, only to notice the skin growing-actually growing- over the top of the burn again. I was mystified by the sight. Then all of a sudden, the pain ceased and there was not so much as a scar on my arm. That was not possible. I could not have just watched my charred arm heal in seconds. Heck, I could not have just woken up with a burn from a dream? No, this can't be possible. I was frustrated. I walked out of the bathroom and leant against the wall in my bedroom sank to my knees and buried my head in them, trying to process what I just saw. I sat like that for a while and whenever I looked up, the dark room was lit up by his luminous green eyes staring back at me.
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