Crossroads (Supernatural Fanfiction)

Hannah and Lucy have had an unusual life. While you were brushing your teeth, they were lining salt along the windowsill. While you were frying your eggs, they were torching the bones of a dead man. While you were writing your exams, they were chanting a Latin exorcism. While you were living your life, the Edwards sisters were making sure that the monster in your closet never became more than a nightmare.
When an accident causes two duo hunters of the supernatural to meet, alliances are made, friendships are built, but trust is broken.
When a girl full of secrets finds she's running out of time, she has to decide what's needed to be said, and what's needed to be lost with her soul.




Chapter One

There comes a time in every older sister's life where she looks at her younger sibling with complete and utter pride. At least once where the entire room seems to be dulled out because her sister has taken the spotlight. She shows how much she's listened, and how much she's learned, and there is no better feeling in the world.

I experienced those moments quite a lot more than the average person, but that could never be a bad thing. The fact that I was constantly reminded by the fact that my sister understood everything I taught her, and cared enough to remember it really warmed my heart. 

That's why I found myself smiling as she stood in front of the middle-aged man, whom was tied to the chair he sat on. The chair stood in the centre of a circle that I had drawn with chalk. The circle was designed with powerful symbols that looked like random gibberish to the untrained eye. The man in the centre struggled violently as Lucy stood her ground, only a few feet away at the edge of the chalk circle. Her eyes were trained on the hard cover copy of Call Of The Wild as she read the ancient language scribbled along the side of the page. It was Latin, which was her second language.

Why does Lucy speak Latin? You would be surprised how useful Latin is to know. Most people view it as a dead language, but it's very much alive. Just...not as common. Its usage is kept to a select few.

The man made sharp movements of struggle as Lucy continued. Finally, his mouth was pulled open wide, and a black smoke rushed out as he screamed. The smoke disappeared into the air, and the man's head fell limp as he was knocked unconscious. Lucy closed the book and turned around, giving me a triumphant smile. Her long almond hair was in two low pigtails, which made her look younger than her 22 years. I could only imagine the shame that the demon she just exorcized must be feeling after being showed up by such a small and innocent-looking girl.

"Well, that was fun," Lucy said brightly, tucking the novel back into her backpack. I let out a laugh as I crossed the room to the poor man in the devil's trap, slipping my Swiss Army knife out of my pocket and cutting the ropes that bound his wrists and ankles. 

"Another demon down," I said, "Another son of a bitch sent back where it belongs."

"Your bloodlust for the supernatural is both comforting and concerning."

I straightened my legs from my previous crouch and stuffed my knife back into my pocket. I went to one of the sinks on the wall beside me and jammed the plug with paper towel. I then turned on the sink full blast, watching it fill up slowly, before pouring over the sides. The water splashed the chalk on the ground, washing it away before going down the drain in the middle of the tile. 

I turned swiftly and walked out the door, feeling Lucy following closely behind. The men's toilet of a run-down laundromat wasn't a place I wanted to stick around for any longer than I had to.

Parked outside the small, empty laundromat was my prized '69 Chevy Camaro. It was a black beauty that my dad had owned before me. He got it a few years before I was born, and it still lives to this day. I've rebuilt the engine more times than I can count, but the car itself still held a lot of value to my sister and I.

I flipped the handgun around my finger by the trigger, unlocking the trunk of the car with my other hand. I pulled the boot up and tossed the gun in, before shutting it again and locking it tight. That trunk holds almost all of our weapons, including several guns, blades, flame throwers, holy water, and a few bags of rock salt.

"Hannah," my sister called. I looked up from the trunk to meet her green eyes, which were watching me from over the roof of the car. "Can I drive?"

"Not a chance," I said with a smirk. Lucy huffed, but reluctantly opened the passenger door and sat down in the black leather seat. I strolled to the driver's side and slid into my comfortable spot, shutting the door behind me.

"Where to, Lu?" I asked, shoving my Bon Jovi CD into the disk player. The intro to Livin' On A Prayer started playing, and Lucy rolled her eyes with a knowing smile.

"I don't know," she said, "Let's go get something to eat. I'll see if I can find anything."

I nodded in approval, "Sounds like a plan," I said as I turned the key. I cranked the music up just in time for the chorus, and sang along in a very loud and out of tune voice.


Lucy laughed loudly, which was audible over the music. The sound brought a smile to my lips, and I continued singing. She joined in eventually, her voice sounding better than mine, but not by much. Being unable to carry a note isn't too big of a deal in our family, though. We don't need to sing to hunt demons.

I finally found a little hole in the wall diner and pulled in. Lucy and I have only been in Tupelo, Mississippi for a couple days, and we were planning to leave in a few hours, so we didn't really know which of the restaurants were good. We never stick around in one place long enough to find out anything like that. We've adapted to the life on the road, which meant drive-ins and pre-packaged deli sandwiches. 

I parked the Camaro and hopped out, pulling on a black leather jacket. Lucy shouldered her bag and shut the car door behind her, walking beside me as we entered the diner. It was a bit busier than I had expected, but still not too busy. Only about five of the tables were occupied, so Lucy and I slid into a booth by the window.

"Good evening, girls," an older waitress greeted as she approached our table, "What can I get ya?"

"I'll get a garden salad and a beer," I told her.

"I'll just get the cheeseburger with a diet coke," Lucy ordered, and the waitress nodded in approval. She left with our menus, and Lucy pulled out her laptop.

"Okay, so what do I do while you search for a job?" I questioned, already started to get bored.

"I don't know. But don't talk to me."

I sighed and tapped my fingernails on the tabletop idly. I looked to the window, but the view was just of the highway, which was brilliantly boring. I looked back to the table and clicked my tongue, earning me a glare from my sister.

"Alright I've got a diet coke," the waitress suddenly said as she placed the soda in front of Lucy, "and a beer."

"Thank god, it's something to do," I said as I took a swig from the bottle. The waitress chuckled as she walked away.

"Did you find anything yet?" I asked, which earned another glare.

I sighed again, and grabbed the squeezable ketchup bottle, squirting a complex flower design onto the table. Using the mustard as well, I created a pretty detailed design. Art has always been a strong spot for me, though it doesn't really come in handy very often.

"Okay, I think I found something!" Lucy finally said at the same moment the waitress came with our food. The salad was placed in front of me, and I smiled at the woman politely. I glanced over at the plate across from mine, and my stomach flipped. I'm not a health freak, I'm a vegetarian. Dad took me to one of the food processing industries when I was about nine. Lucy was only two, so she didn't remember it at all. But the memory of the animals that were all caged up for slaughter was burned into my mind forever. 

"Hannah?" Lucy questioned. I blinked, realizing that I had zoned out.

"Ya, what have you got?" I asked, stabbing my fork into the lettuce and shoving it in my mouth.

"Okay, so there's been three killings in this town on the edge of Tennessee," Lucy said as she turned the laptop screen towards me, "They all seem to have the same witness report. They were with the victims for a few hours, the victim went to the washroom, and was found dead. They're calling it coincidental suicides, but I'm not so sure."

I nodded, "Anything similar about the suicides?"

"All cuts from the wrist."

"Sounds slightly suspicious," I agreed, "I think we should check it out."

Lucy wrote down the town name on the napkin, and tucked it and the computer into her bag. We finished eating and left the money on the table, before heading back to the car. 

"Get some sleep," I told Lucy, "It's about a six hour drive -four with me at the wheel."

The brunette nodded, yawning as if on cue. I smiled and turned the key, listening to nothing but the purr of the engine as we drove out of Tupelo. Lucy was asleep within the first twenty minutes of driving, which didn't surprise me at all. Sleeping in the Camaro wasn't difficult for her. Ever since mum walked out on us after Lucy was born, dad has been moving us around. We've lived on the road most of our lives, hunting ghosts, demons, ghouls, and anything else that crawls out of the pits of hell. Dad knew all about this stuff, and taught me everything he knew. But he was also gone on hunting trips for days at a time. Sometimes weeks. I had to teach Lucy what I knew, and look after her when dad couldn't.

I shook my head, clearing the thoughts as my focus returned to the road. I could hear Lucy's soft snoring from the seat beside me. She was so vulnerable in her sleep; so different from when she was awake. 

I glanced over at her and chuckled. She was vulnerable, but highly unattractive with her head back and mouth wide open. Only my sister could pull off a face like that subconsciously.

When I looked back to the road, a pair of headlights suddenly blinded my view. My eyes widened and I let out a loud curse, lurching the steering wheel to the left. The sound of tires screeching on pavement filled my ears as the Camaro was flipped to the side. I remember hearing Lucy scream, before everything went black.

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