Royal Blood

What happens when two teenagers find out that they are destined to break a curse?
Words: 1609


4. Free Forever

We walk back into the room and listen as the king and queen explain what we have to do. Overall, it was quite simple. Since time was frozen there would be a lot easier of a time trying to do what they said. So basically they told us that in order to break the curse we would have to get to the roots of it. This meant that we had to go to the castle ourselves. They told us that only royal blood could break the curse my going into the queens jewelry box and opening it. Once we had it opened we would have to take the powder inside and pouring it into the sink of the palace which connected to every water source that was within the area. This would then release a gas that would free every person and object that was frozen. 
"First stop, Buckingham Palace." Ashton says. 
"Yeah, lets get this over with"
"You know even after its over, it's cool to know that you have royal blood." 
"Come on Ashton, we can't be late" I look over and wink at him. 
The drive to the palace was short yet nerve wrecking. Getting inside to the jewelry box was again an easy task because everything had been frozen. Opening the box on the other hand, was not as easy. I swear we had tried everything. Ashton suggested we even drop the box and smash it, but hell, that didn't even work. 
"We have to think outside of the box ash" I tell him. 
"Like we haven't been doing that already"
"I've got it."
"Well I mean anytime now, since I haven't really got anything better."
"What's the only way to ensure only people with royal blood would open it?"
"I don't get it." 
"Look since both of us are needed maybe we need to hold hands and try to do something."
"And what do you suggest that be?" 
"Stop it and just give it a chance, would you Ashton" 
I grab his hand and I take my hand and place it over the lock. He repeats my action to only be followed me a click of sound. It was it. It was the box. 
"It's open Cara!" 
"Haha wow, I can't believe it. Now lets finish this up will we?" I give a huge smile. 
I walk over to a sink and start running some water as I dump the blue powder into the running tap. I quick shut it off and grab ashton and pull him outside of the palace to run. As we sit in the car and Ashton is driving out onto the road, I notice the sky clearing. 
I smile once more as we arrive home. We both quietly make our ways to our room, but before we separate I stop Ashton. 
"I can't believe we did it"
"Yeah, me either"
"To think that all this time we haven't been with our real parents though"
"Hey Cara, I wouldn't change it for anything in the world though"
"Neither would I, and I'm sorry I didn't believe you at first."
"Haha I understand, but guess what"
"Having royal blood means that we can go visit our real parents now anytime we want"
"What? How?"
"Anytime you want, you just walk through that mirror"
"It's hard to believe we never knew about this before."
"I don't find it hard to believe."
"Everyone has a little fantasy in them, it's just harder to find for other people"
"Sleep tight ashton"
"Goodnight Cara".

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