The Broken and The Forgotten

Taylor Parkinson had a best friend once, He was kind, caring, lovable, funny and sweet. She loved being around him, but when he forced himself upon her, her life falls apart. Her boyfriend dumps her, her parents desert her and she leaves all of her friends behind. She leaves she looses all contact with them and moves to London. As she fights to keep her and her daughter, Ashley of the streets will he come back into her life to complete the puzzle? or will he be back for all the wrong reasons?


7. Difference and Resistance

Taylor's POV-
"L-Liam?" I look at the man who stood at the door, this guy was one of my best friends, he took care of me when I was down. God, I've known him since pre-school, but something's different. This doesn't feel right, I feel like something's going to go wrong "A-Ashley, we best be off now..." "But..." "Now Ashley!" I fell the panic start to raise in my voice, no, not now. Just as everything was going well. Liam broke out of his trance and I saw the tears forming in the corners of his big, brown eyes. Then I notice, I have tears trailing down my cheek-bones. "T-Taylor?" I motion for Ashley to follow me "I-I'm so sorry Liam..." I say before turning around. Suddenly I feel arms wrapped around my waist and I feel myself being lifted in the air "Liam put me down! I have to go!" I cry as he takes me to the couch and sits me down "W-why?" He asked me, I looked up to find a face I would never see again "T-Taylor?" Mary James Fry.I laugh to myself in my head, remembering all the good times we shared and find myself smirking, then I realised what was happening and sunk back deeper into the chair.
"So how's life been?" Liam finally decides to speak, breaking the awkward silence between us. I look around for the nearest exit "You aren't going anywhere. Not yet, too much is happening. Bloody hell Taylor why did you leave?" "Y-you would hate me, Like Niall, Louis and Zayn..." "Why do I have a feeling you're keeping something from me?" he looks into my eyes, I can't do this "Ashley, please come here" I call, looking down the hall "No, no, no Taylor please don't leave! Please, you can't do this to me!" I can see more tears streaming down his face "It's ok, I will be fine, but for now I must go" I state, looking into his eyes. "Things must be bad then." he says blankly, and directs his attention to the ground. I put my finger under his chin "I promise you, I am fine, I have been fine, I am getting along well in life." I know I'm lying to him now but I can't see him heartbroken when I leave his life again. I start walking towards the door as Ashley gets her bag and comes over to me "At least tell me why you left..." I stop in my tracks, Ashley looks up at me and can see I've been crying. I quickly wipe them away "Mummy, what's wrong?" Ashley looks up at me "Mummy?" I turn around to see Liam has stood up and is looking at me "I see now..." "I'm so sorry Liam, I have to go" I quickly grab Ashley's hand and I try to hurry to get out of here, going down 3 flights of stairs I hear someone call Ashley's name. I turned my head to see a small boy about Ashley's age, he looked nothing like Liam or Mary so I decided I would let her say goodbye for the last time "Ashley, talk to your friend. I need to think for a moment." I look at the carpet of the huge place Liam was staying at, there were at least 20 apartments joined to this place. Seems Liam was on the top floor and I was now on the bottom I don't think that he would bother me, I watch as Ashley talks to her friend. Gosh he looks like... "Shit" I whisper to myself. "Ashley! Hurry we need to go!" I call after her. He quickly hugs her and I think to myself.


Just Like Niall

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