Mallory's mother died mysteriously when she was 10 years old. They never found her body. Mallory now lives with her father on the beach. Mallory discovered her mom's ring and wears it all the time but if she gets wet while wearing it she grows a tail and becomes a mermaid! She stays a mermaid until she takes the ring off then she has her legs back again.


2. 2. My Father

 I jumped up in excitement and ran to my room. I through on my favorite yellow polka-doted dress. I ran back out to clean up the oil but when I opened my door,my father was right at the entrance. I was frozen, not knowing what to do. I starred up at him in horror. He through me to the floor making me hit my head on the desk behind me. I eminently started crying as hard as I could because I knew that's what wanted to make me feel pain. So I gave him want he wants.

 "What the hell is your problem? Hu?" he said angrily
"I... But... Well..." I couldn't speak over my tears 

 "BULLSHIT!" He yelled

His voice grow with his anger 

 I was wiping tears off my face and slowly trying to get up when his hand made contact with my face and I fell onto the floor again. He then started kicking me. He kicked me on my back and stomach.

 "Remember this next time you don't care enough to clean up your messes" He said bitterly

Then he left the room. I just laid there. Getting the floor wet with my tears. When I looked at my favorite dress, it was ripped and bloody which just made me cry even more. When I laid back down the blackness over-whelmed me and it was black, all black, and quiet. It was peaceful. But did I died? Was I in the ocean? I don't know were I was or what had happened. But frankly, I didn't care. I wasn't tiered, and nothing hurt.

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