Andreas Life

Andreas messed up, terrible life. Her struggles and her fragilness crumble to pieces.


2. Today

Well basically its Summer, Woohoo.! Haha, no. This summer isn't what i thought it would be. It was terrible! I couldn't go in the pool much because of the bipolar weather we have. I barley got to hang out with my friends because its too hot, My parents are way too over protective to let me go places without adult supervision, and  most of them got too lazy! When we do hangout its just playing black ops or chatting it up. Thats not too bad I guess, but i SUCK at black ops. I suck at everything really. We always play soccer, kick ball, football, really any sport. I'm not actually good at any of them. But i enjoy playing it very much. I love to sing, But I'm not the best. I Have to admit though, I'm not too bad. I love to dance, But I'm TERRIBLE. I just don't know what to do and I feel all awkward. I wish I could draw, But i don't have any artistic skills what so ever. There's nothing special about me at all. I don't know whats wrong with me. *sighhh* 27 more days till school, Yaaaaayy.. I'm just glad my ex, Harry, moved to a different school. See, I liked Harry, Well I thought he was cute. I didn't exactly know him since he was only in my gym period. I've only talked to him once and that was when him and his friend asked me and mine to pass the football. He also added me on FaceBook but i didn't pay much mind to it, because I Didn't like him that way. I started to notice how cute he was, and would talk to my two friends Kathy and Ashley about it. They both agreed he was attractive. Ashley had a crush on Niall, We all agreed he was cute too. Kathy liked Liam. He was nice, smart, and pretty cute himself. I told my friends Esther that I Liked him because they were close. I didn't know exactly what would happen. Maybe we could talk more and she could introduce us? I don't know. I didn't really want anything to happen though. I texted her it anyways. The next day I saw he was online. I don't go on much, so i took that as a surprise. I kept contemplating on weather i should message him or not. I messaged Ashley to ask her. "Just message him! What's the worse he can do? Reply back 'hey..' with no capitals?!' I could already tell she was laughing. I replied with " I guess you're right" and message him "Hi" I didn't really expect him to answer though. 5 seconds later it dinged. I was too scared but excited to look. I messaged her how fast he replied . " SOMEONES EAGER !" I laughed and replied " whats up" he just went on to tell me he liked this girl who moved from our school. I don't know why he told me, it was super random. I just replied with an "okay" i wasn't really interested to hear my crush talk about his. He messaged me hearts, and i was so confused. I asked him if he meant to say those to Kiana. Half wanting to hear the answer half not. He said no. I started to think there was a possibility he might like me. I messaged Ashley and Kathy quick. Amy was freaking out just as much as I Was, and Kathy didn't even reply. Weird. He messaged me and asked me out. My heart stopped, but then quickly recovered with worry and hurt. 'I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE TOLD HARRY. WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT." i messaged Ashley. I was pissed! I just met her this year but I thought i could trust her. I asked him if he talked to her lately and he said no why. I told him i told her i liked him.. I have really bad trust issues so I kept asking him if he meant it. He kept saying yes. Kathy finally facetimed me to my relief, as I Was messaging Ashley. I told her everything and she squealed. " ANDREA! HE LIKES YOU! JUST SAY YES" Ashley had been messaging me the same. Esther told me not to date him though, That a couple of her friends have in the pass and the break up didn't go  well. Without putting much thought into it I replied yes. Ash and Kath were so excited, I messaged Esther if she told him, she said no. I told her i was dating him and for her not to get mad. She was a little, but said she just wanted me happy. I still felt like she had told him. But i pushed those feelings aside and just tried to focus that HARRY, HARRY STYLES. WANTED ME. HE WANTED ME AND I WAS HIS :)

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