Hard To Love

Taylor mets five boys that are bound to change her life after her best friend leaves her a a concert one night.Only it may get her into more trouble than her good-girl personality could of. What will she do when she becomes a a badass killer? Will she even reconize herself?


4. The morning after

  "You have me."

I sat up and starred into his eyes. He just stared back.

  "Really?", I asked unsure if he was serious.

  "Yep", he said popping the "P". "I'll always be therefor you. If you need me, I'll be there", he said with a cheeky grin.

His green eyes stared straight into mine, not moving. Its like he placed a trance onto me.I regretfully broke contact and layed down onto his chest.

  "Thank you Harry."

He placed his arm around me and squeezed,"No problem."

I closed my eyes replaying Harry's words in my head. Eventually, i drifted off to sleep into Harry's arms.

I awoke to a blinding light shining through my eyelids. I rolled over, telling Sheela to shut the blinds. Then memories of what happened last night flooded into my mind. The last thing i remembered was falling asleep in Harry's arms.

I opened my eyes seeing no sign of Harry.I pulled back the covers revealing myself in a extra long Beetles T-shirt.

  "What the hell...", i mumbled to myself.

Harry must have done this. I glanced around the room, searching for my clothes. And Harry.

Nothing.I got up and walking to the bathroom looking for my clothes in there. Still, no Harry and no clothes...

Then i remembered i swapped numbers with Zayn in the lobby while Liam was getting our rooms. I ran back over to the nightstand and grabbed my phone. I plopped down onto the bed.

I searched for Zayn in my contacts and clicked on his number after i found him.

I waited for him to pick up.

  "Hey Taylor!', Zayn answered.

  "Hey! Do you know where Harry is?"

  "Ya", he answered", he is sitting right next to me."

  "Can i please talk to him?"

  "Umm," he mumbled," he is driving."

  "WHAT!!!!", I was pissed. "He's driving! He just left me here?! He has my clothes! And After last night!"

  "Woah, Woah calm down. We went to get you some clothes. You were still sound asleep when we left."

  "Still, a not would of been nice. Second, you guys don't need to go shopping for me. i have tons of clothes at Sheela's." 

Just saying her name made me pipe up again.

  "We didn't buy you clothes, silly girl"' he chuckled.

I was confused.

  "We did go to Sheela's to get you a few pairs of clothes.

  "Wait, you guys went to MY house?"

  "Yes. And we met Sheela."

  "humph." i still didn't feel like talking about Sheela.

  "We are here. See you in a few minutes."

He hung up the phone and i set mine back on the nightstand.

I got back under the covers so when Harry got back he didn't see me. Even though he kinda did already. I clicked on the telly and skimmed through the crappy cable channels. I decided to watch Spongebob Squarepants. Harry came waltzing in the door. toting a suitcase behind him.

  "I hope i brought you enough clothes", he sarcastically said.

  "Geez Harry. I only needed clothes for this morning. What did you do, pack all my clothes?"


I laughed and told Harry to close his eyes while i changed.

  "It's not like i haven't seen you before", he slyly commented.

  That was against my will, and i was sleeping."

He just cheekily smiled.




Sorry for the boring chapters. i will update when i come back to my moms on the 14th of september. Trust me it will get better. 

Lov ya all!   BOOBEAR

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