Hard To Love

Taylor mets five boys that are bound to change her life after her best friend leaves her a a concert one night.Only it may get her into more trouble than her good-girl personality could of. What will she do when she becomes a a badass killer? Will she even reconize herself?


2. Meeting Them-part 2

"Take it" he said shoving the jacket at me. While i put the jacket on one of the boys in the back spoke. He had an irish accent. "What are ya doin out here all alone and in the cold at four in the morning?" They seemed nicd and i didnt want to lie to them. So, i told them about how Sheela left me halfway through the concert and how i finially saw her get in the car with three other people. I also told them how i chased the car and i ended by telling how i called Lacy and Sheela thousands of times with no luck. "Wow. You have had a rough night",another boy said in the back. "Do you need a ride anywhere?", Curly asked again. "No. Its ok. I can walk." Even though its 20 miles. "How far is it?", Isrish asked. "Its....20 miles", i mumbled really quietly. "What?" "Its 20 miles", i said so they could hear me this time. "Nonsense!",another boy squealed,"You can stay with us!" "No, really i can-" i tried to say before i was cut off. "Say no more! You are staying with us!", Squeally said. Squeally and Curly grabbed my arms draging me down the sidewalk. I firmly planted me heels into the pavement, jolting the two boys balk a little bit. "Before i go any further, i need names", i said between breaths. The other three boys came over to Squeally and Curly. Curly spoke first"Im Harry. Harry Styles." Then squeally spoke next,"Im Louis." The boy with the irish accent said he was Niall. Then a bald boy said he was Liam and that left the last boy saying he was Zayn. I pointed to each of them as i repeated their names. "Yep! Now yours", Louis squealed while dragging me back down the sidewalk. "Im Taylor." I gave Louis a fake smile."No need to fake your smile love. Its beautiful." I lokked at the ground and blushed. We finially showed up infront of a hotel. Ithought we would be staying at a house but this will do until morning.

xx ok so this is my first. please comment on how i am doing. xx BOOBEA



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