Hard To Love

Taylor mets five boys that are bound to change her life after her best friend leaves her a a concert one night.Only it may get her into more trouble than her good-girl personality could of. What will she do when she becomes a a badass killer? Will she even reconize herself?


6. A Big Mistake

Taylor's Pov

  I saw Louis mouth the words, "I'm Sorry." That's when i felt familiar arms snake around my waist.

  "Come back. I'll explain.Please. I'm sorry," he pleaded in my ear.

I reluctantly nodded. Harry kept his arm around my waist as we shuffled back to the car. The rest of the boys were already beat us there.

  I slid into the back with Harry and Louis. the car ride was deadly silent.

  "I was gonna come back," I reluctantly whispered," for my stuff. You could of just talked to me then."

  Zayn snapped around from the front. Anger was boiling from his eyes.

  "You think I have time to wait for a little bitch like you?" His words burned like fire. 

  I turned to look out the window before anything i would regret came out.

  We made it to the motel,and i was the first to jump out, climbing over Harry.I stormed off to the rooms, long before the boys came. i packed my bag and my phone before Zayn stormed into my room.

  He walked up and put his hand around my throat, slamming me into the wall.

  "I'm tired of your little attitude! You're so lucky that i think you can do this, because if not...," his voice trailed off before he chuckled.

  I was gasping a choking for air. My lungs were screaming and ,right before they burst, he let go.

  "And you ain't too bad looking, babe."

He left just as quick as he came. I slid to the floor between the bed and the wall. 

  I should of never let them take me here. This is hell. 

  "Sheela, where are you now?"

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