Love Me {A Liam Payne Fanfiction}

"Liam you can't be here, it's the girl's dorm." I gasped as I saw his figure come closer to my bed.
"Shhhhh, love" He soothed. I didn't want to listen, I wanted him out, but for some reason, I felt as if I needed him to stay.
"Liam why-"
"Shhhh it's okay." He slowly slipped into my bed, and came up close to me. I felt his bulge through his boxers, on my left leg.
"You can't be here." I said, trying to keep myself from wanting him, though as he kissed my forehead, it made it impossible to say no.
"You know you want me to stay," He mumbled, as he embraced me into his arms.

*Keep in note that this is while One Direction is together, this fan fiction is a bit mature, but nothing too bad, enjoy!*


15. The Bet

Chloe's Point of View

I awoke in his arms, him sleeping peacefully. I reached over to grab my iPhone and saw the time was 9:30am. Man, I am not used to sleeping in on Sunday mornings. I always go to church, well ever since the loss in our family. I guess sleeping in on Sundays were different for me. 

I was taken away from my train of thought when he grumbled, clutching me closer if that was even possible. I began thinking back to last night. I remember him flirting, and when I finally gave in, it was when he was talking about our bet. The bet. Did I really just agree to it? I mean, it's pretty much saying if he can't make me scream his name while having sex, then... Wait a minute.. Then what? What happens if he doesn't win? What do I get? More importantly, what do I want? 

Don't I want him to leave? I mean, that's what I wanted in the beginning, right? I can't just let him have sex with me. I can't lead him on either, that's rude and I know what it's like, sadly enough. What do I do?

As I stared down at him, thinking intently, his eyes fluttered open at the sight of me. His eyes glimmered as I looked down at him, making me blush, then I looked anywhere but him.

Those eyes, they would be the death of me.

"Morning." His raspy voice said, pulling me back down. I crawled up next to him, to get his warmth. He wrapped his arms around me protectively, making me think of what it would be like if we actually became a thing. I mean we would become a thing 'forever' if he won the bet. Hey, that reminds me.

"Liam?" I asked looking up to see his chocolate eyes peering down at my blue ones. 

"Yes love?" He replied, as I sat up. He looked a bit taken back with my actions, but I mentally shrugged it off, continuing with what I needed to say.

"About our bet..." I began, but he sat up in the bed quickly smirking, before saying, "Yes, what about our bet love?"

I began blushing madly. Goddamit, why do I blush so much?

"Well, I- what do I get if I win?" I questioned, having the bravery to look into his smirking eyes. 

"Well that depends on what you want love. I can't chose that for you."

"But Liam?"

"Yes love?"

"What if I told you that I was a virgin and I didn't really think this bet would turn into a serious thing?" I started fidgeting with my hands, looking everywhere, but him.

"Wait are you?" He questioned, trying to get me to look at him. He was definitely taken back with this.

"I never said that, but-"

"Are you?" He asked again, grabbing my face so I could look him in the eyes. I felt so terribly embarrassed. I can't take this.

"Yes." I said, for some reason feeling ashamed of myself. If it were up to me, I wouldn't be looking at him right now, but since he's cradling my face in his hands, I feel like shit.

"I.. I had no idea... I mean the way you dance and the way you dressed yourself up. Nobody would think of you as a virgin." He said.

"So people look at me as a slut because of my appearance?" I asked, anger boiling in my system.

No not at all! People only think of girls as sluts when they look desperate and shit. You're nothing like that. That's not what I meant at all. I promise." He said, moving in for a kiss. I back up right before we came into contact though.

"What?" He asked. I moved away, uncomfortably.

"Liam I don't like our deal. I mean honestly I wouldn't mind being with you, but you can't win a girl over by 'making her scream' or whatever." I looked down then whispered, "I just think you need to win a girl's heart." I thought back to my ex and though of how stupid I was to ever think what we had was love.

"I understand." He whispered, holding my hands in his. I shot my eyes towards him once he said this.

"So we can change the bet?" I asked, hope filling my voice.

"Well... Yes, but can it at least be a bit sexual?" He begged, with pleading eyes. I chuckled, nodding, waiting for him to share his idea for our 'new bet'.

"I was thinking that if I couldn't get you to want me in a sexual way by Niall's birthday, then you can spend as much of my money as you want." He smiled, but I frowned.

"Liam do you really think I want money? I'd rather you win that bet then me. And what's the difference besides me screaming in your part of the bet?" I responded, annoyed with the fact that he thought I wanted money.

"Well most girls want money so-"

"Liam I'm not most girls," I began, frustrated, "I'm me. I'm Chloe. I don't need money to be happy."

He looked startled as he said, "Good. That's actually great to know, because once I win this bet and have you forever, I know I won't have to buy every little thing just to impress you like other girls. Although, I will pamper you once you're mine." I smiled, the anger easing away. Well at least he agrees with me.

"You never answered my question though." I said, looking up at him. 

"Oh well the bet is different because this is your choice of wanting me or not. Just because you want me, doesn't mean I would have sex with you or give you what you want." He answered, inching towards, with a nice big smirk plastered on his face.

"But Liam if you knew I wanted you badly, then you would never hesitate in giving yourself to me, so-"

"Exactly." He whispered, cutting me off. He grabbed my face and pulled me down on the bed. I was so startled by his actions, yet it was quite amusing. 

"You look very attractive when you're startled you know." Liam whispered, commenting me. I smirked at him, pulling him in for a quick peck on the lips. 

Now he looked startled since he expected more of a kiss rather than a peck.

"You don't look so bad startled either Payne." I winked, hopping off the bed. I walked to my door, and turned around. "You com in' Payne?" I asked.

"I thought we could cuddle all day." He pouted, sitting up slowly. 

"Yeah well I gotta eat, so I'll be back later then", I said putting my toms on, then raking fingers through my hair. 

"No babe, I'll come, let me just get a shirt on and get my wallet, then we'll go." He said getting up quickly.

"You're not paying for me Payne." I frowned. He isn't paying for me, I won't let him.

"I am paying for you because I need to win your heart somehow!" I had to admit that he was being adorable. He's actually gonna try.

"Liam it's really fine-"

"No. I'm paying. Whether I'm winning your heart or not, I'm paying." He stated, pulling me close. "But I will have you know, I will win your heart." He brought me in for a hungry kiss, and I allowed by kissing back with force. 

After a bit, we pulled away, still inches away from each other.

"Maybe we should just stay here and cuddle all day." I suggested, wanting to spend every second with him cuddling at the moment.

"Sounds like a plan." He whispered back, carrying me back to my bed.


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