Love Me {A Liam Payne Fanfiction}

"Liam you can't be here, it's the girl's dorm." I gasped as I saw his figure come closer to my bed.
"Shhhhh, love" He soothed. I didn't want to listen, I wanted him out, but for some reason, I felt as if I needed him to stay.
"Liam why-"
"Shhhh it's okay." He slowly slipped into my bed, and came up close to me. I felt his bulge through his boxers, on my left leg.
"You can't be here." I said, trying to keep myself from wanting him, though as he kissed my forehead, it made it impossible to say no.
"You know you want me to stay," He mumbled, as he embraced me into his arms.

*Keep in note that this is while One Direction is together, this fan fiction is a bit mature, but nothing too bad, enjoy!*


6. Impress Me

Liam's Point of View

We arrived at the party and "We Can't Stop." by Miley Cyrus was being blasted. I didn't exactly want to be here, but I guess I did have to get over Danielle sometime soon. As soon as we arrived, the boys scattered, to either dance, find girls, drink, or all three. I headed to the bar, and I got a drink, sitting alone. A girl came up to me, who was pretty hot, and she began flirting with me. I flirted back a bit, but when I saw who walked in the entrance, I said, "Excuse me, but I have to go." She frowned, but I walked away, she was too pushy. Two girls walked in, looking amazing. The blonde looked very cute, but the dirty clone was just.. Perfect. Her hair was curled and was beautifully hanging over her shoulders. Her makeup looked sexy and I really couldn't resist. 

Suddenly, a drunk voice from behind whispered in my ear, "I call the blonde, go get the other girl." Harry patted my back and left to go find the cute blonde. The girl I liked was walking towards a couch, and so I followed. There was only one way to win her over for tonight. I had to force myself.


Chloe's Point of View

As soon as I heard Miley Cyrus' new song playing, I had a gut feeling that coming here was stupid. Absolutely stupid. Lisa smiled at me one more time, before finding her way to the dance floor. Unlike her, I walked over to the nearest couch. Maybe I can get by with sitting here for now. It's not like I would be noticed. Oh wait, never mind.

I saw a boy wearing a snapback walking towards me. He was pretty hot I will admit, but he also looked a bit familiar, as if I'd seen him somewhere. I honestly did not want to talk to anyone right now, so I pulled out my iPhone. Bad idea. I have a text message. It was from my ex.. Of course.

It read:

'babe, you think im done wit you.. think again (;'

I scoffed, and turned my phone off. I looked up and didn't see that hot brunette anymore. Phew! Suddenly, I felt warm breath tickling the back of my neck. "Who's this guy you're text in?" He asked. I slowly turned around, and when I saw it was that brunette, I gasped. I stood up and began moving away slowly. I tripped over a cup, and was falling forwards, but I fell right on top of him. As the realization hit me that he liked this situation, I pushed myself up right away.

"I- I'm sorry, I was just-"

"Shhh, babe, want a drink?" He whispered, as he pulled me by my waist, so the gap between our bodies was closed. I squirmed, "I don't d-"

"Well suit yourself love, but I'm not done with you." He said, as he began sucking on my neck. I gasped, as he didn't pull back so fast. I didn't want this. I tried pushing away, and he did loosen his grip a bit. I pulled his lips away from my neck, and I pried himself off of me. 

I backed away, "I don't even kn-know you." I turned around and headed for the doors to leave, or just at least wait for Lisa outside, but he grabbed my wrist tightly. His grip was threatening, as in, if I tried leaving again, I would be in trouble.

He easily pulled me close, "I'm Liam, now you know me. Let's dance." He kept ahold of my wrist, as he got to the dance floor. I didn't want this at all. He tried grinding on me, but I squirmed out of his grip. I wasn't allowing this anymore. I stormed off quickly, and made my way back to the couch. I felt gross. How dare he just walk up to me like that? He found me again, and he swooped me up, with I think anger in his eyes? He sat down on the couch, and placed me on his lap. At least I wasn't dancing.

"I told you to dance." He growled, looking into my eyes. "Do you know who I am?" He asked, cockily.

He's from... ONE DIRECTION!! Ohhh that's why he looked familiar.

I nearly choked, "Umm.." I began. He looked me in the eyes for a second or two and said, "Who's the guy that texted you earlier?"

He was watching me? I was becoming embarrassed. Why should I tell him anything? I just looked down, instead of saying anything.

"Answer me when I'm talking to you." He said, as he placed his hands around my waist. I closed my eyes, keeping back the tears.

"My ex." I stated simply, I opened my eyes and kept my eyesight downwards.

He grabbed my chin and made me look at him. "I understand." He said, sounding truthful. It was almost as if he did understand, and this whole sexy guy thing was only an act. I was surprised he understood. I half-smiled at him, and grabbed his hands. Maybe this guy wasn't so bad after all. 

But then again, he is famous. I can't get too close to a celebrity. He can have anyone he wants, but not me.

"I could treat you better than him." He started, I stood up quickly. He stood with me, but the gap between us wasn't very big. "He- He treated me fine." I defended. I know our relationship ended bad, but I loved him for a while. A tear trickled down my face, when he looked at me again. He wiped it away, "He obviously didn't. I would be better than him." He's trying to convince me, yet he doesn't even know me!

"You don't even know my name." I fought.

"Well? What is it?" He whispered, grabbing my waist.

I scoffed, "Why should you know?"

"Because I need to." He whispered into my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

"That's no reason." I stated.

"Fine. I need to know your name if you're going to be mine right?"

I pulled him close to me, and whispered, "How do you know you'll impress me?"

"Haven't I already?" He's so cocky.

I pecked his lips, and pulled back a bit, "Try me."

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