Come and get it

Jamie is going on tour with the snobby jerk Justin Bieber but she soon finds out that he isnt what she always he was


5. The one and only justin.

Jamies POV:


Justin:Yeah hey my mom told me to come up and see if you want any help unpacking?

Me:Oh no its fine but thanks i smiled

Justin:Ok cool

He walked off, i closed the door and layed on my bed and turned on the big flatscreen tv hanging on the wall, i got up and walked over to a shelf full of movies. Someone knocked on my door again.

i got up and opened it justin.... again.... 


Justin:Yeah well im bored and i was wondering if you want to do somthing? he rubbed the back of his neck.

Me:Well im about to watch a movie if you want to join me? 

Justin: sure 

He walked in and went straight to the movie shelf.

Justin:Want to watch a scary movie?

Me:Yeah i love scary movies, you pick


He walked over to the bluray player and put in friday the 13th, then sat on the floor. i laughed

Me: You can sit up here if you want

He got up and sat next to me, it got scary i scooted up close to him and hid my face, he giggled

Justin: Haha its ok im here he whispered

I giggled. It got scary again and i hid my face, he put his arm around me i cuddled up next to him and i fell asleep. 

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