Together *Sequel to You and I*

**Sequel To You and I**
Katie, Harry and Darcy are now living in their own house. Darcy is Five. Zoe and Louis have a five year old boy named Joshua, and another baby on the way. All the boys left for tour, So it was just Darcy and Katie at home. Same with Zoe. While the boys are on tour, something Big happens. Read to find out.


17. Love

Harry sat next to me. Six months pregnant. Time was

flying. He put his hand on my stomach. The door flies open and a very happy Liam walks in.

   "I am the happiest man alive." Liam shouts.

   "I don't think so." Harry laughed and then kissed me.

   "She is amazing. Her smile. Her laugh." Liam fell onto the couch.

   "He has fallen." I smile.

   "I kissed her."

   "No fucking way! Liam its only been a couple months."

   "Stop acting like that! You and Harry kissed within the first couple of weeks." Liam yelled. He is worse than a twelve year old.

   "I love her. I really think I love her."


   "No. I think I love her. Its real. It seems so real."

   "Just let him be." Harry whispered.

   "I'm happy for you." I said.

   "Really?!" He sat up in excitement.

   "Really." I said.

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