The Scars that lie on my wrist

Rose wasn't always that happy person that everyone expected her to be. She was depressed and suicidal. No one really knew except a couple close friends. One day Rose runs into her idols and they notice her wrists. What will happen? Will she get better or worse? Will she fall in love or get heart broken? Read to find out.


10. Hungover chapter 10

Meghan's P.O.V.

Ugh. I feel like crap. fuck I'm hung over. I wake up in an unfamiliar home. "Hello" Fucking Luke's head pops out from around the corner "Need a puke bucket?" "Not fucking from you! Where the fuck am I?!?" "My house. Rose left without you and you were back passed out and I couldn't just leave you there" "Well you fucking should've" I lean over and I puke in his nearest trash can."Would you actually rather be there?!" "Yes!"

Luke's P.O.V.

Why does she have to be such a bitch all I am is nice to her. I left her in the room I didn't look back I just walked back to my bedroom. I honestly don't feel like arguing with her right now. I know that she thinks I'm fucking playing her, but I'm not like really. I just went and shut the door. This girl is messing with me. I need to stop thinking about her she obviously doesn't want me helping her with anymore. I try to be nice and she doesn't even say a fucking thank you?! Like really how fucking hard can that be?!? I just ugh why?


Evan's P.O.V.

Ha I fucked her tonight and she has really no idea if anything really happened. Like haha. She's such an easy target. She will do anything. I can't wait till next time I fuck her, I'll make sure she can't walk the next day. Luke is so head over heels for her and she doesn't give a shit about him hahah. He will never get her back. Will all the things I told her about him she won't think twice about him.

Meghan's P.O.V.

ugh im in so much fucking pain.... "luke?!?" he walks over "what gonna cuss at me again?!" "no..sorry bout that im just really pissy and feel sick..." "Its ok i guess I understand" "Why do you care so much"

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