the deadline


2. the beginning

no one was ready for what was gonna happen no one even knew...I've lost so much because of him why did he have to take his anger out on the world? he made our world a living hell why can't we just go back to the way it was when my family was still here..........


jayden"s p.o.v (before all this happened)

"mommy are we going to grandma and grandpa's house today"? my little brother Chris asked "yes honey we are but it's after you finish your homework ok"? mom said "why do they even give us homework"? Chris asked  "well they want to help you get what they're teaching" i said ohhh ok i get it now" he said laughing and i smiled and laughed too "ok ok now let's get you guys to school" dad said "ok bye mom" we both said and grabbed our stuff and headed to the car.. who knew that would be the last time i ever saw was all my fault i shouldn't have stayed after school... i stayed after school to help some teachers i thought everything would be fine it would stay the same like always but boy was i wrong when i got home i called for my mom then my dad then my brother no one answered next thing i know everything went black... i woke up to the sound of voices what happened? where am i? who are they people talking? i opened my eyes to see two men then i looked to the ground to see my dad and mom and my little brother in.....a pool of blood on the floor i tried to move but they tied me to a chair the two men turned around and looked at me man #1"there's no use of trying to get out sweet checks because your not gonna get out"he said with a smirk on his face men#2" hey how about we have a little fun with her"he said putting his hand on my leg get your filthy hands off my daughter my mom said jumping on man#2's back which he quickly threw her to the ground and kicked her in the stomach i screamed and started crying as they started beating her up"PLEASE STOP PLEASE I'LL DO ANYTHING" i begged while crying and screaming they looked at me then looked at her then they pulled out a gun and pointed at my mom's head "no no please don't please" i said crying before i could beg them to stop more my mom looked at me then smiled and mouthed " it's ok and i love you" before they shot her i screamed in pain and started crying the two men started laughing and soon they cut me lose and pointed the gun at my head i thought back to what my mother said and a tear fell out of my eye why her? why them? why not me instead of them? just when the two men were about to pull the trigger something stared beating on the door and would not stop i could hear moaning out side the door it's sounded as if someone was having trouble breathing both men walk towards the door and asked who is it no one answers but you could still here the breathing  they slowly unlock the door to see things grab man#2 and start ripping off his skin and eating him alive men#1 grabs the gun and try's to shoot them but soon drops it because one of these things bite his ankle he howled in pain as they start eating him alive the gun is 2 inches away from me i grab the gun and run up stairs to hear the moans of 4 people right behind me i quickly lock the door and slide down against it i started bursting out in tears how could this have happened? what are those things? "i can't think about this stuff right now i have to find a way out" i whispered to myself wiping my tears as soon as i said that i hear gun shots and the moaning from those things stopped and someone from the other side of the door said "it's ok you can come out now"?? said i didn't want to open the door but i had to see who it was who saved me i slowly opened the door to see a curly haired boy and four other people DAD?!?! "DADDY"?!?! 



end of chapter 2:) more chapters will be on the way thanks for reading ~


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