the deadline


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                                                                           jayden's p.o.v
(people running as fast as they could) (people's houses are on fire) ( people getting attacked by zombies) (people crying because of their formal dead relative) what if i told you all of this all happened because of one person? because he wanted revenge on the people for what they did to his father would you believe me or would you think i'm crazy? but i'm not crazy.....i'm not crazy if your world was just like this it would be enough to make a person crazy... the question i'm still wondering is how could one man just cause all hell to brake lose I've lost everything because of him everything that i wanted,needed,or had has gonna away everyone i loved is gone why did it have to be me? my parents always told me to have hope but what is there to hope for? everything and everyone is gone only if their not survivors my plans are to go to the contrary the contrary is a safe house where the whole town is full of people it's like Paradise at least that's what my dad said before he died... "jayden.."harry said  "yes?" i answered looking at the sky "it'll be ok i promise" he said walking up next to me and looking at the sky "ok..." i whispered i don't know why my life had to be like this it ended so fast i didn't even get to tell my family i love them i feel like my heart is broken into a million pieces this was a survive or die after all.......this is the deadline



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