Behind The Gel(Marcel FanFic)

Day after day Marcel was bullied. His reputation was strong set, the nerdy boy with the gelled hair. Although, he had a goal. And that was to prove all his bullies wrong. Alongside his best friend, Emma, he was going to show Holmes Chapel High School that there was more to him then just brains and hair gel. Those "popular" jerks were going to regret overlooking him because of his appearance on the outside. Marcel had a secret. A secret that would change his life, and reputation, forever.


4. Chapter 4!

Relief washed over me as she kissed back, the kiss was short, but meant so much.

"Em. I will never leave, or forget you. You mean the world to me." I whispered as i leaned my forehead on hers. "Really?" Was all she managed to croak back.

"Yes, Em. Really." A smile washed apon her face but soon flipped into a frown. "What's wrong?"

"Why'd you just kiss me? Don't you already have a girl you like? I mean you were just asking me for advice on how to ask her out!" 

"Emma. You're that girl!" I sighed. "You've been that girl for a long time...I've always been to scared to ask you though. I mean you're gorgeous and everyone loves you, then there's been me. The ugly dorky kid..." 

"Harry! You've never been ugly in my eyes! I've always had a crush on you too, i'm just a wimp when it comes to showing my feelings. My no means have i ever thought of you as a dork. I liked you as "Marcel" and "Harry!"



" would you feel if I took you on a date?" Please say yes! Please say yes!

"I would love it!"


"Great, Tomorrow at 7. Dress nice." I winked then walked out of the house. Where the heck is all this confidence coming from?!


"Mum?" I called out walking into the house. This is it. I'm going to ask her if i can audition.

"Yes Marcel? I'm in the kitchen!" Ugh i need to tell her i'm going by my real name now..

"Well.." I began while i walked in the room.

"MARCEL! Honey! What happened to you?!" She gasped as she saw my new appearance.

"Well uhhhh...Emma gave me a makeover..."

"That's great honey! You look so hansom!"

"Thanks...But anyway i was uhh wondering if i could audition for the X Factor..."

"Oh my gosh! Yes! I've heard you sing in the shower and you sound amazing! I'll call and set up the audition now!" She exclaimed running towards the phone.

"OH and mum?" 

"Yes sweetie?"

"Call me Harry."

A huge smile spread across her face as she replied;



This is seriously perfect. Now to start training for my audition...I hope i don't embarrass myself in live tv..

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